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Innersense Organic Beauty Product Suggestions

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Posted on October 12 2016

Fall is right around the corner, can you feel it? Here’s a look at seven Fall hairstyle trends we’re loving NOW and Innersense Organic Beauty product suggestions to keep your style as spicy as a pumpkin spiced latte.

Bronde waves by Loni at Midtown Curls, Reno.

BRONDE: Beachy waves by Loni at Midtown Curls, Reno.

BRONDE: Not quite blonde, not quite brunette, this Fall hairstyle trend is like a swirl of your favorite deep, dark coffee and cream. Hydration and fade will be your concerns here, so gentle products are key. Product Suggestions: Color Awakening Shampoo + Color Radiance Daily Conditioner. Keep hair hydrated with Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner after every wash as well; keep a small size in your purse for hydration “hits” throughout the day.

Dusty blue hues by Meredith at Abloom Salon, Phoenix.

VIVID: Dusty blue hues by Meredith at Abloom Salon, Phoenix.

VIVID COLOR: Whether you’re a member of the unicorn or mermaid tribes, intense, vivid color is still very much in for Fall hair, especially in jewel tones. Usually, to get those granny tresses and oil-slick effects, color is completely removed before depositing new hues. That’s ultra-damaging to hair, so if the fuchsia/teal/purple look is what you really, really want, consider becoming a fan of the co-wash, or using conditioner to gently wash in lieu of shampoo (the less you shampoo, the less color will go down the drain!). Product Suggestion: Pure Inspiration conditioner. Try shampooing your hair every other day (or longer). If you’re a consistent user of our hair baths, your hair is already in a “natural state” and in most cases doesn’t require daily washing.

Piecey, fringe fun by Alejandra at Abloom Salon, Phoenix.

FRINGE: Piecey, plucky fun by Alejandra at Abloom Salon, Phoenix.

FRINGE: Fringe is in, friends! Bangs are back. “The Rachel” is back. Whispies are back and this year’s Fall hairstyle trends are fresh with movement and texture again. Your finish is your grand finale here, so weightless movement and definition are key. Product Suggestions: Inner Peace Whipped Cream Texturizer and Inner Reflection Finishing Polish. Use Inner Peace to add definition and depth to dry hair by emulsifying in hands, flipping hair upside down and tossing in texture mid-shaft to ends. Inner Reflection adds dimension and shine to tips, tames flyaways and adds hold to those 90s styles that are creeping back, too.

Disco Curls vlogger, Rochelle, rocks her Innersense wash + go look.

NATURAL: “Disco Curls” vlogger, Rochelle, rocks her Innersense wash + go routine.

NATURAL TEXTURE: We connect with Mother Earth in such a visceral way in Fall, so it’s the perfect time to embrace what we were born with. This season, Fall hairstyle trends for textured girls beg to be backlit by the sun and bounce with the falling leaves. But with naturally curly hair comes hydration concerns. Product Suggestions: Quiet Calm Curl Control, I Create Hold and Harmonic Healing Oil. Use them separately to boost, define and nourish natural hair or cocktail together for the ultimate curly girl concoction.


THE BUN: Up high or down low, smooth busy buns with a touch of workable hair spray.

BUN DROP: Yes, Instagram is popping with the “Bun Drop,” the new “hair flip,” just more gorgeous. Not all of us have those cascading sheets of hair, but we can make sure our buns are on point and flyaway free with the perfect natural hold hair spray. Product Suggestion: I Create Finish Finishing Spray. Spritz on finished styles to tame flyaways and tuck errant strands into your updo, so when you do drop that bun, not a hair is out of place.

When the bob and blowout are perfect! Joanne, Innersense founder.

BLOWOUT: Beautiful bob and blow by Joanne, Innersense co-founder, Northern California.

BLOW OUT: The perfect blowout never goes out of style. This season, Fall’s blowout trend has movement (think leaves in the wind!), so you’ll want products that don’t weigh hair down. Product Suggestions: Quiet Calm Curl Control and I Create Volume. Quiet Calm smoothes hair while protecting it from heat, while Volume adds hold and shape to your round brush technique.

Blonde waves by Patty at Salon LaVish, Wooster, Ohio.

BLONDE: Platinum waves by Patty at Salon LaVish, Wooster, Ohio.

BLONDE: We’ve heard blondes that work for every skin tone are in this season, and it’s the perfect color to keep your days sunny side up as the nights begin to chill. Bleaching is harsh on hair, so you’ll need to super-hydrate parched tresses. Product Suggestion: Harmonic Healing Oil. Warm a few drops in your hands by emulsifying, then treat ends, frayed bangs and sides to the extra hydration. At least once a week, add a few drops of HHO to your conditioner, apply to wet hair, then wrap up in a towel or plastic wrap to soak for 10 minutes to an hour. Keep HHO in your purse to glisten tips during the day, too!




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