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      Since 2015 - SAFE & CHIC ® has been the premier destination for clean & cruelty free beauty. We offer you an elite shopping experience with 2000 products and over 160 brands and counting to choose from. Find an extensive selection of beauty, skincare, hair, pet, baby and home products that are never tested on animals. 

      WHAT WE DO

      Every product sold at SAFE & CHIC ® is free of parabens and other chemicals of concern found in most mainstream products. We have thoroughly researched thousands of products for safety and effectiveness; including running them through the Think Dirty and EWG Skin Deep database to ensure our commitment to quality. 


      SAFE & CHIC ® fills a critical void in the marketplace: Eco-chic customers searching for healthy beauty products often review multiple sources to discern which brands are safer to use. We’ve transformed the industry by making cosmetics and healthy skincare care products easy to research and convenient to purchase. 


      Having sold prestigious mainstream cosmetics and skincare products for over twenty years, our team at SAFE & CHIC ® has extensive experience in the fragrance and beauty industry. We are aware that many skincare options offered by conglomerates contain unhealthy additives and concerning chemicals. We’re now offering the results of our careful and educated research. We will not market any product that wouldn’t satisfy our own holistic needs. All products sold on SAFE & CHIC ® go through rigorous tests before being approved for sale. Our motto: Never sell a product unless it’s healthy and good enough to be part of our own daily skincare needs.  


      SAFE & CHIC ® is dedicated to inform consumers about the harmful effects of cosmetics sold by major retailers, while providing affordable and effective alternatives until the Food & Drug Administration implements the reform needed to protect US consumers from using unhealthy products.


      Only 30 dangerous chemicals used in skin, hair and cosmetic products are currently banned in the US; compared to 1,300 in Europe and 600 in Canada. Most personal care products are not EPA approved. No federal laws have been passed to regulate ingredients in hair, skin and cosmetic products since 1938.


      SAFE & CHIC ® makes it easier for customers who want to look beautiful while staying healthy using safer beauty products. You’ll never have to compromise beauty for safety. We look for brands who take a natural, clean approach to the ingredients they choose and choose to exclude. 


      Originated as a passion project linking both Fashion and Clean Beauty. Seeing that beauty and fashion are one in the same.

      Headquartered in Orange County, CA. Safe & Chic is a unique, exclusive ecommerce boutique that brings the most sought-after trends in women’s clothing and safe beauty products from around the world to your fingertips.

      We strive to provide customers with a wide variety of high end designers, from those who are well known in today’s trendsetters, to unique, hard to find fashions that can only be found by traveling thousands of miles around the world.

      Online shopping can often feel impersonal and unfriendly. But it does not have to. We have created an online shopping experience that is compared by many of our customers to an intimate boutique experience. This is where we truly differentiate ourselves from the sea of online retailers.

      Safe & Chic serves the best interest of both the designers and customers by being highly selective of the Brands that are carried on the site. Our core customer is web savvy, intelligent, successful and fashion forward.

      With deep experience in ecommerce, beauty and a passion for fashion, Safe & Chic is poised to make the ultimate shopping experience for our consumers.

      Our consultants are seasoned in the fashion and beauty industry with experience in styling, fashion, and retail customer service. For questions about fit, and Brand information please email us at