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Posted on February 16 2016

Finally, spring is coming…. The cold has taken its toll on both our skin and our mood. As the days are growing longer we’re starting to expose more of our skin to the slowly warming sunlight. The changing of the seasons asks for a change in our skin care regimen as well as a change in our diet and lifestyle. It’s all about finding a balance in a changing environment and maintaining that balanced state.

To keep your skin in tip-top shape it is important to adjust your skin care regimen based on the changing of the season and your overall well being. That is why, for a customized treatment, our products can be blended or alternated.

If some days you’re experiencing excessive oil, you can blend a drop of Nourishing Treatment Oil with our Herbal Toner to create a lightweight serum. If on top of the oiliness your skin shows some redness, soothe and moisturize with our Soothing Gel. To effectively treat dryness in your skin, you can blend our Day or Night Cream with a drop of Nourishing Treatment Oil.

Dr. Alkaitis doesn’t classify by fixed skin types. Instead he offers you an organic skin care regimen to balance and strengthen your skin. That is why our products work so well!

By addressing your skin’s needs day by day, you’re really caring for your skin and keeping it healthy and balanced. And as you know: healthy skin is beautiful skin!

Dr. Alkaitis believes that caring for your skin is not just a quest toward superficial beauty, but actually a necessary part of your everyday health care. Therefore, he created a skin care line with products that support your body’s natural healing tasks. By using them you take an active part in caring for your precious skin.

Properly nourished, your skin will sigh with relief, rewarding you by radiating a healthy glow that makes you look gorgeous in any season…

To your health & beauty,

Trish Alkaitis

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