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What are prebiotics and why is Aleavia Skin Care so beneficial to vital skin health?

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Posted on February 04 2016

We have all heard about probiotics for years, right?  They are in vitamin form, powder form and even in our food.  Each day millions and millions of people take probiotics as a healthy food source for the beneficial microbes we all have in our guts.  By feeding the “good bacteria” you promote a healthy digestive tract, prevent illness and maintain a healthy immune system.

So what about taking care of our largest organ, our skin?  We bombard our face and body daily with chemically derived products that absorb directly into our blood stream every time we use them!  Over time, not only are our insides being jeopardized by all these chemical and environmental pollutants, it also breaks our skin down and we get unbalanced and problematic skin.  Acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, dry-red skin, and the list goes on.

Aleavia Skin Care was created exclusively to be pure “super food” for the beneficial bacteria on the skin to achieve a beautiful and glowing complexion, 100% naturally. This super food is called prebiotics.   But exactly how does it work?

* Aleavia’s prebiotic formulas act as an alkaloid- based bio-stimulant that feed a variety of “friendly bacteria” on the skin that we ALL have. Think of Aleavia as your skins daily food source for optimal skin health.

* When prebiotics feed the microorganisms, it strengthens the super ecology system on the skin. This results in the body effectively and naturally producing hyaluronic acid, which helps slow the aging process and gives skin a more radiant and youthful appearance.

* Over a very short period of time the “friendly bacteria” will completely overwhelm any harmful bacteria, promoting a beautiful and glowing complexion.

* Aleavia’s exclusive formulas also balance the pH level of the skin, helping to accelerate and repair the skin of problematic skin, aging skin, scars, acne and wounds.

All of Aleavia’s exclusive prebiotic formulas are plant-based, organic, chemical, and toxic and GMO free.  Free of all fragrances and dyes and always cruelty free!  

So quit cleaning your skin and start FEEDING your skin for a beautiful complexion and optimal skin health for everyone in your family! 

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