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Customer Reviews

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Shayna T.
The only sunless tanner I've used since 2009!!

10 stars!! I found Chocolate Sun when I owned a small natural beauty and skincare boutique in Sarasota, FL back in 2009-2011. My customers RAVED over it and were devout fans. It goes on easily, actually smells GOOD (unless you hate that cocoa butter scent) and leaves the most beautiful, natural glow.

I'm both fair AND have thin skin with slightly yellow.green tone with the shadow of my veins visible in many parts of my leg (not spider veins, just visible...yay).

Most sunless tanners were some combo of way too dark, streaky and or too orange/brown and/or take forever to dry.

If I only wanted to do my legs, it was obvious and looks awkward.

After not using tanner for quite a few years I was so excited to see Chocolate sun still selling and going strong so I ordered it a few months ago.

It's as wonderful as I remembered!!

The lotion turns a bit white as you massage it in so you can pretty much tell when it's absorbed. Using circular motions to rub it in and a bit of extra moisturizer on your knees/ankles/toes before hand helps.

I just throw on some lightweight shorts and it dries quickly so I can go about my day. It doesn't stain my clothes, although I wear darker shorts anyway.

If left my legs with such a lovely glow so I felt confident wearing my sundresses, without having to do my entire body.

Can't recommend it enough. It's not a cheap product and the results show it. Worth every penny. lt,3 lt,3 lt,3

Favorite self tanner

I have fair skin with cool undertones. Most self tanners do not look natural on me as they look too orange. I use the medium shade in this product and will not use anything else as the color looks extremely natural and I only need to apply it 2 to 3 times a week rather than every day. The chocolate scent is light and lovely and I never get any streaking.

Best I've tried

It's hard to find a clean version and this one is great! Not streaky, good color

Anne B.
Big fan- good, natural color

Love this tanning lotion... have been using it while pregnant and it's so nice not having that toxic smell and knowing it's a lot safer for me and baby. It goes on easily, but do watch out for streakiness on the feet... I wasn't careful enough my first time. No breakouts using it on face.

Dawn C.
It works very well and smells great!

I love this tanning cream! It doesn’t look fake, smells great, and it’s a safe product to use.

Kelsey H.
Great for fair skin

This has been the perfect gradual tanner for me! I ordered the lightest shade as I am very fair skinned (redhead) and wanted a little help on my legs for the summer. I would make sure you wash your hands after like it says on the bottle. It's great to be able to control the tan by deciding how often to apply!

Clean Glow

I love this! So happy I found a self tanner with healthy ingredients!!! It gave me a nice light tan after the first use, it was easy to apply, no chemical smells and it doesn't seem streaky at all! I'm really excited about this! I ordered the lightest option (it's early spring now), but I will probably try the medium color next (for summer).

Lauren S.
Chocolate Sun Review (Cocoa Light Enhancer 1)

This stuff works! I saw a change in my skin color in 1 day! I applied the lotion on Sunday morning after my shower and noticed a change Sunday night but didn’t want to look too much into since the application does take 8 hours. Monday morning, my skin was completely changed!

The lotion is very easy to apply with, it felt like a normal lotion. It was not sticky, goopy or thick. The lotion felt hydrating, making my skin moisturized and glow - no dryness. The information on this product is correct - a little goes a long way! I felt like the product was easy to apply and applied well on my skin. No orange color! It’s a perfect glow! Also, the chocolate aroma does smell delicious!

I very much like this product and will be continuing to use it. I will be limiting the usage as even back-to-back applications (one on Sunday and one on Monday) may have been too strong. If you wanted to work up to a certain darkness level, I definitely recommend skipping every other day so that it gives the lotion time to “settle” in your skin and not overwhelm it with color. If you need a “quick fix” to get some color in the winter or for an event, this is a good go-to product. I recommend this product and it is absolutely worth the money. If you use this like me, a “once and done” kind of thing, this product can last you.

Better than a Spray Tan

I did not have any problems with this tanner streaking or looking unnatural except along the sides of my feet. The second time I used it I just made sure my feet were extra moisturized and it didn't happen again. I have been mixing the tanner with body lotion to get more subtle results, but it still comes out pretty noticeable and lasts a full week with one application. Unlike organic spray tans it actually fades like a natural tan instead of washing off in patches.

Lorraine H.
Chocolate Sun is awesome!

I love the lite enhancer. It has a nice smell (just a hint of cocoa) and it gives your skin a nice buildable tan. You look heathy not crispy! I also love the fact that it's a natural glow without chemicals.