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Chocolate Sun

Chocolate Sun

Chocolate Sun is the creator of the very first all natural, organic, sunless tanning solutions. Chocolate Sun is handcrafted of organically grown and wild crafted botanicals and herbs, pure essential oils, and all natural preservatives. Nature's healthy tan.

Chocolate Sun Tanning Cream - Cocoa Enhance Light
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Chocolate Sun H2O Tanning Mist Enhance Light
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Chocolate Sun Illuminate Tanning Gel
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Chocolate Sun Body Scrub Apple + Cherry
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Chocolate Sun Reviews

Tanning Cream - Cocoa

Anne - "Big fan- good, natural color. Love this Chocolate Sun tanning lotion... have been using it while pregnant and it's so nice not having that toxic smell and knowing it's a lot safer for me and the baby. It goes on easily, but do watch out for streakiness on the feet... I wasn't careful enough my first time. No breakouts using it on the face."
Dawn - "It works very well and smells great! I love this Chocolate Sun tanning cream! It doesn’t look fake, smells great, and it’s a safe product to use."
Kelsey - "Chocolate Sun is great for fair skin. This has been the perfect gradual tanner for me! I ordered the lightest shade as I am very fair-skinned (redhead) and wanted a little help on my legs for the summer. I would make sure you wash your hands after as it says on the bottle. It's great to be able to control the tan by deciding how often to apply!"

Body Scrub

Lilly - "Chocolate Sun is an amazing product! Smells heavenly."
Gabriella - "Great exfoliator. I love Chocolate Sun products, so I decided to try out this exfoliator and I was not disappointed! Left my skin so smooth and hydrated, and the apple/cherry scent smells delicious."
L. - "A perfect scrub! This Chocolate Sun scrub is a joy for the body and has such a great natural perfume! The most beautiful beauty shopping in the world! The team every time surprises me with their fantastic treatment! THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE NUMBER ONE!"

Illuminate Tanning Gel

Alicia - "Beautiful and safe packaging with exactly the delicious-smelling potions I ordered. You were one of the first companies I bought from in my healthy skin care journey and I will be a customer for as long as the sun shines on me. Thank you Chocolate Sun for these amazing products that I now consider my essentials."
Kristen - "This Chocolate Sun product is pretty, light, and easy to use."
Taylor - "LOVED IT! Smelled so light and yummy! Can’t go wrong with this Chocolate Sun brand,"

Tanning Cream - Sweet Orange

Debra - "Chocolate Sun is Perfect! I love the gradual, natural tan look it gives my skin."
Beverly - "I have always loved this Chocolate Sun tanning cream, It works very nicely For my fair skin and sometimes I mix it with the medium Cocoa glow. This new smell of sweet Orange is awesome! I will definitely keep buying it."
Lauri - "I have tried many of their products, and love them all! But this new scent and the dark skin tone make my skin glow. So natural, won’t use anything but Chocolate Sun !!!!"

H2O Tanning Mist

Brenda - " ❤️Love the Chocolate Sun medium mist for fall tan, since I’m not yet completely pale it blends nicely."
Tremenda - "We love this very natural-looking chocolate sun product. My husband and I both use this incredible product and we get what we believe is a natural-looking tan!"
Amy - "Chocolate Sun is the absolute BEST tanning product I have ever found!! The deep rich glow is so natural looking and my skin is soft and moisturized with every use! I will never use any other product!"

Shea Hydration - Botanical Sun Defense

Cherie - "This Chocolate Sun product is a MUST HAVE for your summer beach bag!! It deeply hydrates while also naturally protecting your skin from the harsh sun. When using Shea Hydration, my skin never has the sticky, dry feeling after a day at the beach. Thank you for the perfect summer hydrating and protective cream I can feel good about!"
Bonnie - "Love this Chocolate Sun product. The fragrance is so fresh and natural and you can use on face and body is a winner. Chocolate Sun’s Shea Hydration makes my skin feel so soft and moist."
Ash - "Chocolate sun makes my skin feels like silk. BEST skin moisturizer and protection ever!!"