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Customer Reviews

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Impressed - Love it!

I love the VOLO Beauty Hero Quick Dry Towel! It's big, absorbs water well, and dries my hair nicely. The grippy strap keeps it secure too.


Bought this on a whim to get free shipping and OMG this hair towel is amazing!! It is luxuriously soft and fits so comfortably on my head. It really does quickly dry my thick curly hair in half the time! It is expensive for a towel but is worth every penny.

Love it so much my husband steals it!

Before this I was using cheap microfiber towels and I felt like I needed something that would 1) be more gentle 2) be large and thick enough for long hair 3) have a strap to keep it in place. This really fit the bill and does cut drying time in more than half. I can’t leave it on for too long because then it will dry too much. On my curly hair days I just use it to soak up excess water and I don’t wrap my head. I wish it came with a travel bag because I love this so much that I do travel with it (hotel towels are terrible for hair!)

Alynne B.
Buy IT

I love these towels and use mine everyday out of the shower. I also like to sleep on it over my pillow when I shower at night to keep my hair from getting frizzy.

Lives up to the hype!

Truthfully, this towel sounded gimmicky to me at first, and sometimes I just feel like I’m too old for gimmicks (like, I have honestly tried them all already!) But, the reviews were rave, and I was splurging for my birthday (and had been meaning to buy a non-damaging hair towel) so I said “what the heck!”—So glad I did because this thing absolutely lives up to the hype! I’m not going to say it’s life-changing, but for my hair it is! I have masses of fine porous hair that normally takes 45 minutes to blow out on top of 20 minutes of preliminary air drying: This thing had my hair evenly damp dry within 10 minutes and my blowout took MAYBE 15 minutes, if not 10. Now my ends don’t get all fried while blowing out my endlessly damp roots! Also, I no longer have to plan my whole life around when I will have the hour plus to dry my hair should it happen to need washing. My ends are smooth and no longer tangled!!! Pretty much did change my life actually.

Debra F.
Hero towel it is!!!

Love using this towel- so easy and helps with fizzy hair

Charlene H.
Love It!!

Softest towel ever and the hair dries quickly but the strap is what really makes it the best. No more scrambling for the dropped towel!

Sheila M.

I really love it!

hero quick dry towel

excellent, works great

Susan F.
Love this towel

I love this towel. It’s soft, it stays on place, and my hair dries so fast, I have to take the towel off fairly quickly before it dries too much! It also makes my hair easier to comb because it doesn’t cause tangling. I like this towel so much, I bought two of them.