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Suntegrity Skincare is Protection for your face, body and lips. Our Suntegrity products are multi-tasking, beauty-boosting, and packed with antioxidants and non-nano zinc oxide. Award winning skincare that delivers broad spectrum SPF 30 protection, and makes you look good. Suntegrity Mineral Sunscreen lowers your chances of skin cancer. Suntegrity Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays and pre-mature skin aging. Discover the wide range of our sun care products. Enjoy fun in the sun with Suntegrity protection!

Suntegrity Reviews

5 In 1 Tinted Sunscreen Moisturizer

Michelle - "Best Tinted Sunscreen Ever! This Suntegrity is hands-down the best tinted moisturizer EVER! I’ve gone through so many tubes and turned my mom and sister onto it as well. The perfect amount of coverage and it actually mattifies my extremely oily skin for a flawless finish that lasts all day—something no other moisturizer I’ve tried has ever done!"
Joy - "A Great Tinted Moisturizer! I was looking for a tinted moisturizer that I could wear on its own. I had a sample that SC sent me earlier in the year (LOVE the samples in each order!!!!), and used that before purchasing. It goes on smoothly, and gives just a little bit of glow to my face. It’s a bonus that it’s also a sunscreen: although I do use another sunscreen product in addition to this, I don’t have to. Will definitely purchase Suntegrity again!"
Gizem - "Love love love this Suntegrity. I have acne prone skin ,i ve been using it for a week and zero acne ! Love everything about this brand ,highly recommend!"

Moisturizing Mineral Face Sunscreen & Primer SPF30

Sophia - "The only everyday sunscreen I use on my face. I absolutely love this Suntetrity sunscreen. The ingredients make this more than just your typical sunscreen as it has plenty of skincare benefits and the fact that it gives you the perfect smooth canvas for makeup (or no makeup) is the cherry on top. My face doesn't feel sticky or sweaty like other sunscreens, it's so smooth it's almost unreal how well foundation/concealer/etc does on it. I even used this under my makeup for my wedding and my makeup stayed put. Suntegrity is really the best for your SPF needs, definitely get this if you need something that is multi-tasking for every day!"
Mellie - "Love it! Love this Suntegrity sunscreen! I’m super pale and never tan (I’m either white or red!) this is the perfect everyday sunscreen! I have purchased it two times now and am so pleased with the sun protection and moisture it provides the skin with. (TIP: at first it feels thick and does look white but after working it in and letting sink into the skin it leaves you with the most beautiful smooth base for makeup or just to go about your day!)"
Chrissy - "Great facial spf. I received a bunch of samples of Suntegrity with purchases through safe and chic and I really love the products. I use the facial sunscreen when I'm active outside or swimming and I love the body spf as well. I use it on my daughter and husband as well!"

Mineral Body Sunscreen SPF30

Alina - "Great Suntegrity Product. The regular sunscreen and tinted one are my favorite ….It has everything you need to protect your skin and the smell is very nice. For people with fragrance sensitivity, I'd say get something without fragrance, but this is so cool and calming, I was actually looking forward to putting my sunscreen on."
Darcie - "Works very well! I am very pale and worried if SPF 30 would be enough. I am very pleased with how it works and it even worked in Florida on the beach IN SUMMER! It's not greasy and I don't need to immediately wash my hands after using it like I have with others. Would definitely recommed this Suntegrity sunscreen!"
Kathleen - "Love this Suntegrity product! Excellent, I am a fair skin redhead. My girlfriends and I took a vacation to Florida. It was in the 80's every day and sunny. One day we were out on the water for 5-6 hours and did not burn a bit. I would definitely recommend this product. It goes on very nice and is nice smelling. The best benefit is no chemicals"

Pressed Mineral Powder Compact Translucent SPF50

Jean - "My favorite powder. This Suntegrity powder keeps my oil at bay and has an awesome SPF 50!"
Sam - "Great new spf powder. I have been wanting a spf powder, and did not see many choices on this site. so I am happy to see Suntegrity filled the gap, it is great for lighter skin tones. Worked great over my liquid foundation.
Julie " Suntegrity SPF powder. Haven’t used it yet but I feel confident it will be helpful."

Moisturizing Self Tanner

Halla - "Self Tanne. I can't say enough great things about this Suntegrity product. I have used MANY in the past and non have worked the way this product works. The scent is the same as sunscreen (not too strong) and the tan color is perfect! A total natural look and not orange at all. I LOVE this product!"
Julie - "Best Self Tanner I've used. This is the best self tanner I have used so far and is easily applied without streaking. This Suntegrity product tans quickly, so much so that I can't wash my hands soon enough or enough times before they start staining. The smell is coconutty but not offensive."
Gigi - "Amazing Suntegrity tanning product. It smells amazing ,hard to believe it's tanning lotion ! It's a lot better than ones that I Ve used before even the organic ones. Easy to apply ,rich ,creamy."

Unscented Mineral Sunscreen for Body 3oz Broad Spectrum Spf 30

Samanatha-Elise - "Summer in the Sun. I used this Suntegrity sunscreen for dry activities and it worked well! I am not sure how useful it is for water activities, so I suggest using it with caution in that regard. However, it is very think and definitely kept the sunburn away for me!"
Meghan - "Very thick but good. This is super thick with heavy white cast but I figured it would be so don't mind. Used on younger kid and had no issues. Seemed to hold up well with swimming even though not waterproof. Doesnt spread as easily as I'd like, really gotta work it in but happy with it. No issues with skin afterwards."
Alina - "Love that it’s unscented, BUT very thick and pasty. Would work if you aren’t in any social events but hard for day to day wear. Definitely love this Suntegrity sunscreen for the kids."

Impeccable Skin Broad Spectrum SPF30

Noelle - "Fabulous. This is the best Suntegrity SPF/tinted moisturizer I have ever used. Texture, shade, and coverage are just perfect! Thank you for carrying such an amazing product!"
Rachelle - "awesome product. Such a great product, I use it every morning before I get started with my day. I live in the desert and it is nice an hydrating - I also really like the level of coverage it gives, I think it looks pretty natural and gives my skin a nice glow."
Peri - "Love this Suntegrity product! I have combo skin, that is prone to breakouts. I use this as a foundation and love it. Beautiful coverage of my freckles and scars, but my skin looks like skin. No breakouts caused by this. Leaves my skin looking a bit dewy but not a lot. My only wish is that the price was less!"

Velvet Sponge

Natasha - "Great Suntegrity Applicator! Fantastic sponge! Really does smooth everything out. Super easy to wash and dries very quick!"
Sarah - "Great product. I was apprehensive about trying this Suntegrity sponge but am so glad I did! It doesn't seem to soak up as much product as my previous sponge and it worked great to apply my dry powder too!"
Jordan - "Great product. Works very well with the Suntegrity tinted face sunscreen."