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Hero Cosmetics

Hero Cosmetics

Hero Cosmetics - Absorbs pus while protecting pimples for faster healing. The new way to treat your acne breakouts. Cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and super gentle on skin. Hero Cosmetics can be your hero when your skin is in a pinch.

Hero Cosmetics Reviews

Mighty Patch Original

Juliana - "Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch the Original minimizes and does a pretty good job at lessening the size of a zit."
Megan - "These patches are incredible. I have hormonal acne, and these Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patches help heal them quickly! I do my evening skincare routine as normal then throw on a patch where needed, and you can see the oil that was pulled out on the patch in the morning. So effective and great for those who struggle with picking their skin. Highly recommend!"
Alanah - "I've used so many different pimple patches, and I originally thought they were all pretty much one in the same. I've heard of Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch before but they are one of the more expensive pimple patches and I thought why pay that much when they all work the same?? When making my last safe and chic order I decided to get these since I needed some new ones and OMG. These work SO well. The amount of gunk that came out was grossly satisfying. Will definitely be repurchasing in the future."

Mighty Patch Invisible+

Lindsay - "Hero Cosmetics patches reign supreme. These patches are the best. I actually prefer the original overnight ones because I don't wear them outside the house. Cheaper pimple patches seem to irritate my skin and can sometimes leave a red mark behind afterward, but that hasn't happened with Hero’s. I like to cut them in half with brow scissors to use on smaller blemishes."
Kira - "Great way to cover and heal blemishes. I got a pack of these Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Invisible+ as a gift with a purchase earlier this year (and probably would have never purchased on my own). I really liked them and think they are effective at reducing the size and color of active blemishes overnight. They also cover the blemish (so you can't pick it). I like the invisible color (which I would consider wearing during the day since it blends in very well). I have purchased another pack and like to have this in my arsenal to help heal pimples."
Ksenia - "Hero Cosmetics Might Patch Invisible+ is a great product. Works like a charm! Never have seen better results."

Lightening Wand

Deborah - "Excellent. I had a few small red marks I wanted to lighten. Hero Cosmetics Lightening Wand seems to be working."
Esmerelda - "Can't wait to buy another one. I hope this Lightening Wand comes back in stock quickly, I am almost out. Yes this works, it does take about 6 weeks for a really long old scar, but I think if your scar is really new then it will be faster results. But I had one from earlier this summer and finally, it is almost gone. So yes will always have this Hero Cosmetics Lightening Wand in my cabinet for any new scars to get them right away to heal."
Aundrea - "So happy with this Hero Cosmetics purchase. Got a mini-trial size Lightening Wand as a gift. When I saw that I could buy a full size at a reasonable price, I was beyond happy. It lightens the dark spots and doesn't feel heavy."

Micropoint for Blemishes

Ethlie - "I always repurchase. The first time I tried Hero Cosmetics patches was on a family holiday where I was eating a lot of treats and breaking out. I was amazed at how quickly it helped the break out flatten and ultimately heal. Next I was gifted more Hero Cosmetics Micropoint for Blemishes patches, and ever since I can never be without them."
Jonathan - "I’ve tried just about every micro patch on the market and this is the first one that #1: I don't have a negative reaction to and #2: Sticks and STAYS on. Absolutely love this Hero Cosmetics Micropoint for Blemishes products."
Kristen - "Micropoint for Blemishes patches work! I already have so many of these in my bathroom in case of emergencies. I know to pop on this Hero Cosmetics bad boy when I feel a red bump forming. It causes the inflammation to go down and a white head to peak through, and then I know this pimple is on its way out."

Mighty Patch Surface

Lilliana - "WOW these larger Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch strips are a game changer. I get a ton of little guys on my forehead and chin. One strip each at night and they are gone the next morning. My skin never has looked so good."
Traci - "These Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patches cover the larger breakout areas. I have used on my chin when I have two doozy’s there and these large surface patches are game changers!!!"
Brianna - "I’ve tried many pimple patches for my stubborn spots and a lot of them don’t get the trick done. This Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Surface is the best because it’s able to cover a larger area of acne and works at clearing those pimples and removing any excess oils and whiteheads within my skin! I always wake up satisfied after I’ve applied this!"

Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser

Autumn - "This Hero Cosmetics exfoliating jelly cleanser really Works! I’ve always struggled with blackheads on my nose. Within a week of using this cleanser I noticed a significant difference in how visible they were. I’ll definitely continue to use this cleanser after such quick results!"
Giorgia - "I got the Hero Cosmetics exfoliating jelly cleanser in a 30ml size through reward gifts to try it out before buying the 150ml full size. Even after the first use, it left my skin so smooth and soft. The only downside (and it might just be me being very clumsy), is that the jellies can easily fall off when you're handling them with wet hands."
Shana - "I am thrilled with this Hero Cosmetics exfoliating jelly cleanser. It is an extremely gentle exfoliate. The price point makes it accessible to everyone. One pump gets it done. This cleanser is unscented."

Balancing Capsule Toner

Michelle - "Hero Cosmetics Balancing Capsule Toner is a hydrating and refreshing clear liquid. Preps nicely and works well by itself and under makeup."
Abhi- "Great toner, especially when used in the morning. I love it. Usually, I don't like adding too many crazy ingredients into my routine so using this Hero Cosmetics Balancing Capsule Toner in the morning is perfect. I'll apply it normally and then will go in with a good moisturizer. Some mornings it's just this + moisturizer and sunscreen and my skin feels great. It's not super thick or sticky which I love and find a lot of toners are like. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs a solid toner that'll be there through everything for you."
Wilfred - "This Hero Cosmetics balancing capsule toner is amazing. I have been using it for over a year and slowly but surely my skin tone is getting better. I used to have terrible skin and now it is getting better."

Clarifying Prebiotic Moisturizer

Alana - "Nice Hero Cosmetic product. Awesome product."
Jessica - "This Hero Cosmetics product is a good moisturizer. I have acne-prone skin and it did cause a bit of breakout so I will not be using it on my face. But works great as a body moisturizer."