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Gressa Skin celebrates glamour and sex appeal. It is free of anything that is harmful for your health.  Gressa believes your skin deserves fresh live ingredients. Our Gressa makeup is inclusive beauty. We proudly make 22 shades to ensure everyone has a match.  We encourage you to be creative with them. Mix them together, top them off, the possibilities are endless. Create your own inner self with Gressa Skin products. Our packaging protects every potent ingredient from oxidizing and degradation.

Gressa Reviews

Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation

Brittany - "This is my favorite foundation. I’ve tried so many and nothing ever worked. Gressa is lightweight yet has coverage. It doesn’t clog my pores or make my face super oily. I have oily/acne prone combination skin. It has a natural finish and doesn’t break or slide off my skin as the day goes on. It’s the only one that has worked for me."
Halla - "I love how this Gressa foundation covers up all my blemishes and imperfections. It can look a little "cakey" if you use too much and don't wash the brush often. Other than that, I love this foundation."
Abby - "I love this foundation. I have been using it for 2 years. This Gressa foundation is very natural but can be built up to a full coverage look. I don't feel like I even have anything on my face when I am wearing it. In the summer, I wear the same shade and add a drop of the bronzer per 4 drops of the foundation."

Minimalist Contouring Serum Bronzer

Gail - "The most natural color! This is the first time trying the Gressa bronzer and I couldn’t be happier with it! I mix a drop in with my facial sunscreen to make a tinted sunscreen, I use it as a bronzer, and I also use it in my body lotion as a temporary bronzer for my body as well. No other product I’ve ever had has been that versatile. I only need a drop each time so it’ll last a loooong time."
Fee - "Multipurpose and A Must. A little definitely goes a long way. I've been playing around with the product as a bronzer, eye shadow, and adding to the foundation (changing foundation color for summertime). I love it and would highly recommend Gressa."
Jasmine - "Awesome contour. This Gressa bronzer is fantastic - not too ashy and not too orangey. I’m pretty light-skinned so I don’t need much of the product to contour and lightly bronze. This bottle will last me forever!"

Minimalist Illuminating Serum

Pam - "This Gressa serum has the perfect Glow. This is superb and gives just the right glow - No tugging on the skin, just creamy and smooth - the perfect shade for all skin tones."
Jillian - "Gressa is my favorite highlighter! Such a beautiful glow and gives me gorgeous hydration!"
Krista - "I get compliments on my skin when wearing this Gressa serum. Is flawless and looks natural but made up. If that makes sense."

Air Focus Foundation Brush

Heather - "Love this Gressa brush! Beautiful coverage with loose powder foundation. Blends perfectly."
Stacey - "I'm so glad I went ahead and ordered the Gressa brush, along with the foundation. Perfect application! High-quality brush. Well worth it!"
Alisia - "Soft, perfect for serum foundation. This Gressa brush is so soft and perfect for blending the serum foundation. It creates a smoother canvas than I can get with just using my fingers!"

Angle Liner Brush

Ivetta - "This Gressa liner works great for outlines with eyeshadow!"
Caitlin - "This Gressa liner is the best-angled brush I’ve used- perfect for a little wing using eyeshadow!"
Angelina - "Exactly what I wanted. The sharpness and stiffness of this Gressa liner is perfect!"