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Biocol Labs

Biocol Labs

Biocol Labs - Creating the new health essentials: plant-based, doctor-approved and straight-talking solutions focused on the needs of modern life. Biocol Labs is the post-chemical pharmacy, creating the health essentials for the modern men and women.  

Biocol Labs Reviews

Something for Immunity

Lauren - "This stuff really works! Amazing Biocol Labs product and worth buying!"
Melissa - "WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe in this Biocol Labs product, my family and co-workers have been sick and I started this the day everyone around me started falling apart. And I have not gotten sick. It is so much cheaper and more effective than even a vitamin drip. It is worth every penny."
Josef - "Biocol Labs Work. Love the scent and the pure ingredients."

Something for Cactus Throat

Emily - "Works Great. So this Biocol Labs Cactus Throat product is really a great alternative to all those over-the-counter ones you find at the local grocery store. It works within 5 min of spraying. Doesn't taste bad either. I am happy with the results of this product."
Tamara - "Amazing spray✨Love this Biocol Labs product as it works! If a feel a sore/cold throat coming on, this spray nips it in the bud❤️"
Tess - "Was looking for natural products and saw an ad for this Biocol Labs product. Tried it, had an amazing taste, and it soothed my throat. Whenever I felt sick or whenever I felt like catching a cold (sore throat), spraying this daily really helped me, around 7 pumps per day, then less when it started fading away."

Something for a Detox Week

Evelyn - "Love his detox. It helps in every way😁 Love the green apple taste! I just broke the ends and drank it out of the tube!..Going to order more Biocol Labs Detox now😘"
Tara - "Great Biocol Labs product. Makes my body feel so clean"
Valeria - "Love this Biocol Labs detox…It’s a bit sweet but I dilute it and I love how I feel after."

Something for the Knackered"

Sandor - "On a mission to replace chemical products in my life with natural but with one's that WORK. This stuff is AMAZING! Works very well! Maintains a steady effect for quite a while, tastes nice, and is also AFFORDABLE. Thank you Biocol Labs!
Ana - "Taste is not that pleasant, but I've gotten used to it. I do feel like it does work as I feel more energetic and alive after taking it early in the morning before breakfast. I do recommend this Biocol Labs supplement and I will continue to buy it."
Jill - "Been taking this for a few days now since I work a night job. It keeps me going all thru my shift and well into the morning. Will definitely buy this Biocol Labs product again."

Something for the Mini Rehab

Dustin - "This Biocol Labs mini rehab worked surprisingly well as a preventative measure before an evening of wine tasting (a lot of wine tasting). Highly recommend."
Samuel - "I love these! Of course, drinking like a fish every day is not wise. But on those occasions when you’re having more than a few drinks, these little Biocol Labs guys help your body to recover and to avoid those nasty hangover effects."
Lauren - "I had been getting such bad hangovers the older I get, and these Biocol Labs mini rehabs help so much. I've used them multiple times now, and every time, I wake up feeling like a million bucks!"

Something for Bloated Tums

Nia - "This Biocol Labs product is so quick acting, easy to carry around in my bag. Top tip: Carry in your bag on a night out of you’re having a heavy dinner/on the beers!"
Lucy - "Biocol Labs tummy aids seemed to really help the bloat! I have a pretty sensitive tum (gluten intolerance and IBS) and have a tendency to blow up like a balloon! These tablets defo helped ease that discomfort. Top tip: They work best if you take them as soon as you notice you are bloating."

Something for Dreaming

Beth - "I love this Biocol Labs product! It is easy to use and taste good."
Jen - " My husband and I love this Biocol Labs product!! I seriously can’t sleep without it. Makes me drift off to sleep in 30 minutes and sleep through the night."
Edwin - "I have insomnia and seldom get much sleep until I crash for a few hours every couple of weeks. I ordered this Biocol Labs sleep aid with the hope of it helping, but little confidence. I have been amazed at the difference. I fall asleep pretty quickly and sleep solidly for 5-6 hours after two sprays. That is a huge improvement over my 3-4 hours of intermittent sleep from before using this sleep aid. I have purposely missed a couple of nights using the spray and fallen right back into my old pattern. Thanks, biocol labs. Great product."