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True Glue Curler in Rose Gold - SALE
True Glue Curler in Rose Gold - SALE

True Glue Curler in Rose Gold - SALE

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Something that needs to be on your checklist of things-that-elevate-the-gorgeousness-of-my-eyes: an eyelash curler. Like this one. It’s especially perfect for you if you’re a straight-lashed girl – and want your eyes to look fuller and wider. First of all, it is Rose Gold. It also happens to be a high quality curler with elastic silicone strip, carbon steel frame and double line handle that will add a lot of value to your make-up bag.

Dimensions: 3.5 × 11.6 × 3.5 cm

Final Sale - Non Returnable

Start by curling the tips of your lashes with the curler. Then move the curler a little closer to your lash line, and continue curling until you reach the base of your lashes. 

Warnings: We recommend that you don’t apply mascara before using the curler, or you could risk damage to your lovely lashes.


Carbon steel.


Emily Lyons a Toronto serial entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Femme Fatale Media Group (a model and event staffing agency) noticed this dilemma: Her agency’s models would develop allergic reactions from the eyelash glue they used for their false lashes. After researching this further, Emily found out that it was the harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and parabens in the lash glues that triggered allergic reactions. Even more sinisterly, these chemicals are known to be carcinogenic and toxic to human health, yet beauty companies were nevertheless using them rampantly in their products. Emily firmly believed, had to change.

What began as the world’s first all-natural eyelash adhesive has now transformed into a line of makeup that’s healthy, safe, natural and long-lasting. Through its commitment to healthy and natural makeup products True Glue makes it easy for you to look stunning all day and all night, without worrying about the chemicals you’re putting on your body; thanks to a special blend of ingredients



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