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Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Collection Synthetic 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set


What It Is For: Everyday makeup application on face, eyes or lips.

How To Use: Achieve any makeup look or makeup finish by using the brushes to apply, define, blend, highlight and contour.

Luxie Feature: Each brush is cut to precision in order to perfectly apply products to the natural contour of the face.

Luxie brushes are made with a proprietary blend of synthetic ingredients that yields a high quality, vegan and cruelty free product, and each brush is coated with a revolutionary antibacterial solution. 

We believe that you can be in control of your own beauty. Take the wheel with Luxie. Let us enable you to create a vision of elegance, charm, glamour, and artistry that speaks to your beauty. Luxie drives beauty. Express you’re beautiful with Luxie.  Our commitment to perfection is transparent through the quality of our hand crafted beauty products, personal and attentive customer service, and promise to offer vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic products, without compromise to our standard of excellence. We are constantly striving to change the game with revolutionary techniques and elements that deliver the perfect union of health and beauty. 

The Luxie Rose Gold Collection Synthetic 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set is a 100% animal cruelty free brush set made with the finest quality materials. With its vegan and paraben free makeup qualities from synthetic hair bristles to ferrule, this luxurious pink and rose gold brush set is a must-have in your makeup collection. The brushes are coated with a revolutionary antibacterial solution for minimal brush cleansing and to keep the brushes fresh and clean for longer periods of time. Silky soft and gentle enough for all skin types, each makeup brush is designed for maximum precision and control in makeup application. The wide variety of brushes are packaged in a glamorous cup holder.


-100% Cruelty-free

-100% Vegan

-100% Paraben-free

-Coated with antibacterial solution


Luxie Rose Gold Large Powder Face Brush 502

Luxie Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504

Luxie Rose Gold Duo Fiber Stippling Face Brush 508

Luxie Rose Gold Foundation Face Makeup Brush 510

Luxie Rose Gold Concealer Eye Brush 211

Luxie Rose Gold Large Shade Eye Brush 209

Luxie Rose Gold Medium Angled Shading Eye Brush 207

Luxie Rose Gold Eye Shading Eye Brush 213

Luxie Rose Gold Tapered Blending Eye Brush 205

Luxie Rose Gold Small Angle Eye Brush 215

Luxie Rose Gold Eye Liner Eye Brush 219

Luxie Rose Gold Pencil Eye Brush 217

Luxie Brush Cup Holder

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