Moon Magic Raw Silk Pillow Case SALE
Moon Magic Raw Silk Pillow Case SALE

Moon Magic Raw Silk Pillow Case SALE

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Sewn from Silk noil which is spun from broken threads created after the silk worm has emerged from the coccoon. These broken strands give a nubby gently exfoliating fabric. Raw Silk Pillow case For Functional sleeping. This pillow case actually cleanses your face while you sleep! Silk is hypo allergenic due to its protein structure, therefore reducing reactions to things such as bacteria and dust mites. This is not a soft silky pillow case, it does not shine.

Raw Silk Pillow Case- King 21x40 Inches

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Creating in harmony with nature From deep within the lush forests of the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California, utilizing many local and wild crafted botanicals along with pure joy and stardust to bring you mindfully crafted goods for your best life ever! Botanical Perfume and fresh dipped incense using hand mixed and alchemist plant blends. DIY incense kits, organic skin care and more! We use no artificial fragrance, parabens, synthetics or rubbish ever!


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