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HYDY Pink Gold Tumbler-Dusty Rose
HYDY Pink Gold Tumbler-Dusty Rose

HYDY Pink Gold Tumbler-Dusty Rose


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Perfect for Tea, Coffee,
Wine, Cocktails and more

  • Superior quality
    HYDY vacuum thermal series observes the stringent quality control in line with the Swiss SGS safety standards. It is made using advanced 18/8 (304) stainless steel food-grade, non-BPA (BPA free) and other harmful substances, it will not have any chemical change, easy to clean and more resistant to corrosion, allowing you to drink healthy water without worries.
  • Excellent thermal insulation effect 

Whether you are in your office or enjoy the outdoors under the warm sunshine, double stainless steel bottle is designed for 5 hours hot thermal insulation and 9 hours cold thermal insulation, no matter in what kind of environment, you can enjoy cold or hot drinks.

  • Double-coated outer layer 

Food-grade silicone is used to cover the outer layer, non-toxic plastic-free 100% recyclable, Featuring super cute Macaroon Color Design, non-slippery, anti-drop, allowing you to carry it easily and will not accidentally pour the content one. It also does not scratch the furniture surface. Bottle condensation never appears and will not make your hand wet, even you place it inside your bag will not make things wet.

  • Fashion Partner
    Easy to use and impeccably well-designed, the HYDY Tumbler seamlessly integrates into your busy lifestyle.  Sporting clean lines and an elegant, simplistic beauty, the HYDY Tumbler is the perfect fashion accessory—with the potential to transform any relaxing afternoon BBQ, picnic or outdoor Happy Hour into a memorable occasion.  At HYDY, we believe that treating the Earth and future generations well is the most fashionable attitude. 
  • Green Living 

Sixty billion plastic bottles each year are dumped into our oceans and landfills and this continues to pollute the environment, together with twenty thousand times of waster of water.

For now, carry a bottle with sense of design which is easy to use, let us save our Earth where we live and reduce waste of water and other resources. 

Size: 8oz


      • When adding hot water, do not allow the hot tea bottle to come in contact with the opening.
      • Avoid dropping or strong collision.
      • Make sure to keep it dry as residual water may cause leakage.
      • Do not put in oversized wash to avoid bottle deformation or breaking.

Insulation effect:

      • Capacity 8oz / 240ml
      • Product Sizes: 85 mm X 100 mm (diameter x height)
      • material:

Thermos body: 18/8 (304) stainless steel

Lid: Tritan

Silicone Cover: silicone


Hi, We are HYDY

Thank you for protecting our environment!

HYDY is a forward-thinking brand with a focus on conserving water resources and protecting the environment. With a media platform and an array of sustainable products, as well as an education-based mobile application, HYDY seeks to raise awareness about the importance of water and effect a positive change on society.
Water has many forms and it is one of the most powerful elements on Earth. Similar to an avalanche rushing downhill or a tsunami gaining strength as it moves across the ocean, the goal at HYDY is to create a force of energy—a ripple that will gain tremendous force and momentum over time.
To do this, HYDY casts a broad net. Our media platform is a rich, interactive experience with information about a variety of topics, from water conservation, lifestyle and environmental protection issues, to natural farming practices, children’s education, diet and eco-tourism.

A Dire Need
The genesis of our idea comes from a simple reflection: that everyone on Earth should have access to safe drinking water, but it should not come from a plastic bottle. In the United States alone, consumers throw away 1000 used plastic water bottles every second. This translates into approximately $1 billion in annual costs and 50 billion used plastic water bottles each year.
What makes the data more troubling is that only 23% of these bottles are recycled. Filling plastic water bottles, transporting them to the consumer, and dispensing with them after they have been used has an immense carbon footprint and a significant economic impact.
Reducing the use of plastic water bottles would have a substantial effect. Plus, the funds that would be saved could be allocated toward raising awareness about water conservation, providing communities worldwide with better water filtration technologies, promoting anti-pollution efforts, and reducing atmospheric carbon, which would help to ensure that everyone has access to clean drinking water.
The strength of water lies in its adaptability. At HYDY, we believe that people need to draw inspiration from this trait and adjust their lifestyle to the changing environment. Creating a ripple that eventually becomes a powerful and transformational event does not have to be difficult or troublesome. Instead, our belief at HYDY is that, if enough people make a small change on a daily basis, it can have a substantial impact on the future.

Our History
We are a team of former design, science and information technology professionals. The formation of HYDY gave us a platform for making a positive impact on the world in which we live. It began with a group of friends, a simple question, and a common idea: What’s the point of spending our lives working if we can’t make a meaningful, positive impact on society?
HYDY allows us to leverage our passion for protecting the environment as well as our professional backgrounds. By helping other people realize that a small change can make a big difference, HYDY seeks to promote water conservation, reduce the use of plastic water bottles, protect the environment and provide access to safe drinking water, thus creating a better future for everyone.

Let’s make changes!


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