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Osmia Organics Spot Treatment
Osmia Organics Spot Treatment
Osmia Organics Spot Treatment

Osmia Organics Spot Treatment


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Osmia Organics Spot Treatment is a surprisingly powerful blend of essential oils that diminishes blemishes. Our Spot Treatment is very effective on blemishes even before they come to the surface fully, often preventing them from surfacing at all. 

Osmia Organics Spot Treatment is for all skin types. 

Size: 16oz 

1. Apply to blemishes 3-5 times a day. (Do not apply this serum to the entire face - only to pimples)

2. Use this product as the last layer in your skin care routine, on top of all other products.  (You don't want to apply it under another product that requires spreading, as it could get spread over the face that way)  

Organic Evening Primrose Oil and Essential Oils of Lavender*, Cajuput*, Lemon*, Parsley, Thyme, Cypress*, and Rosemary CO2*

*96.5% Certified Organic Ingredients 

Osmia Organics begins with the ingredients we choose. We consider quality over cost-savings – we buy the most beautiful, raw plant materials we can find, even if they are more expensive. We are not a certified organic company at this time, but if an ingredient is available in certified organic form, that is how we will use it. All of our USDA certified organic ingredients are indicated with an asterisk in the list of ingredients on each product page.


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