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Osmia Organics Organic Tea Bath


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A bath in oats, roses, flowers, and salt?  Yes, please!  Each muslin tea bag contains a blend of organic botanicals, organic gluten-free oats, and Epsom salts providing a profoundly nourishing bath.  Have you ever wanted to climb into your cup of tea to warm up?  Here's your chance! 

For: All skin types, especially itchy, dry skin, including eczema and psoriasis.

Size: 6.9oz


How: Drop 1 bag (leave it tightly tied) into running bathwater and squeeze gently while you soak to release extracts. Each bag may be used two times. Hang to air dry between uses.


*=certified organic

epsom salt, avena sativa (oatstraw)*, rolled oats*, rosa centifolia (red roses)*, calendula officinalis (calendula) flowers*, matricaria recutita (chamomile flowers)*, citrus aurantium (bitter orange peel)*, mentha spicata (spearmint leaves)*

100% certified organic ingredients


Osmia Organics begins with the ingredients we choose. We consider quality over cost-savings – we buy the most beautiful, raw plant materials we can find, even if they are more expensive. We are not a certified organic company at this time, but if an ingredient is available in certified organic form, that is how we will use it. All of our USDA certified organic ingredients are indicated with an asterisk in the list of ingredients on each product page.


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