SUR Clean Skincare NovaCleanse
SUR Clean Skincare NovaCleanse
SUR Clean Skincare NovaCleanse

SUR Clean Skincare NovaCleanse

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This facial cleansing brush will help to eliminate dirt, oil, leftover makeup and bacteria from your pores to leave you with clean and glowing skin. With state of the art technologym the NOVACleanse has 12-speed vibration modes to combat multiple skin problems, making it customizable to your skins specific needs.

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Use once or twice daily. Wet NovaCleanse or face, apply your cleanser to NovaCleanse and turn one. Cleanse your face for the 30-second time period and rinse. To turn on/off press the universal circle button between the plus and minus buttons. To swtich between modes, simply press the + and - buttons on each side of the power button. The different modes have different vibration patterns and intensities. The vibration patterns/intensities are personal preference as it is universal for all skin types, but lower intensities can be used for more sensitive skin and high intensities for normal skin.

Silicon, waterproof, 8 speeds, sonic high frequency waves.

SUR Clean Skincare is an award-winning skin care company founded by Dr. Clarissa Shetler, her scientist daughter, Cameron Shetler and a team of female scientists. We develop our products with a passion for effective results and green chemistry, relying on the power of plants (and love). The formulary is derived from careful attention to clean ingredients, natural solutions, and ethical sourcing.

We deliver results, not empty promises.

SUR is dedicated to redefining skincare standards that are not only good for us but also good for our planet. Natural and organic skincare products combine essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that heal and restore our skin—without harming our earth. 

We focus on healthy and safe ingredients, molecular size of ingredients, and how your skin will respond to the ingredients.

If you love natural yet scientific skincare products, check out SUR Clean Skincare. 



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