Natboo Toothbrush Holder
Natboo Toothbrush Holder

Natboo Toothbrush Holder

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The ideal position to dry Natboo brushes is upright, and this Natboo Brush Toothbrush Holder does exactly that!

Once you are done with brushing your teeth (2 to 3 minutes!), shake away excess water from your Natboo Brush as much as possible, or give the handle a quick wipe, then place it on the toothbrush holder to naturally dry.

This Natboo Brush Toothbrush Holder holds 4 brushes at once.

Does not include toothbrushes, they are sold separately.

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Natboo is an Oakland, CA based bamboo biodegradable toothbrush and environmental education company. We not only sell sustainable and biodegradable bamboo brushes and its accessories, we also educate our consumers about sustainable living and ways to reduce waste in our daily lives. There are 50 million lbs of plastic toothbrush trash annually, in the US alone. Our goal is convert as many plastic toothbrush users as possible into bamboo toothbrush users, therefore reducing potential plastic trash from our landfills and oceans. We also consistently donate locally to homeless shelters, safehouses, and other under-served communities. During COVID-19, we donate to hospitals for healthcare workers on long shifts, so that they will always have toothbrushes when they need one.


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