MOTD Cosmetics Seamless Sheer Blending Brush

MOTD Cosmetics Seamless Sheer Blending Brush

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MOTD Cosmetics Seamless Sheer Blending Brush is a high-performance cruelty free vegan blending eye brush designed to apply and blend eye shadows. MOTD Cosmetics Seamless Sheer Blending Brush for precision placement of your eye products creating soft and diffused eyes.

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This brush is designed to apply, blend, and diffuse your favorite eyeshadows. Seamless Sheer Blend bristles are a perfect blend of softness and flexibility. This eye brush is perfect for really blending out eye shadow pigments. It’s long bristles allows for movability and precision of product placement creating soft and diffused eye makeup looks.

The differences between Seamless Sheer Blend, Blending Bestie, and Build and Blend is the width of the brush head and length of the bristles. Seamless Sheer Blend bristles are longer in length, more narrow, and fluffier in size. This brush focuses on blending out pigments and giving them a softer finish. The Blending Bestie brush is more compact and shorter in length it is made to blend shadows with the end result of a more pigmented finish. Build and Blend is the happy medium between the two brushes it is slightly tapered, wider in size, and gives you ultimate control on the pigment impact you wish to achieve.

Lightly dab brush into eyeshadow and apply to the eye crease. Gently swipe the brush like a windshield wiper to blend product evenly.

Use with creams, powders, or liquids.


Our brushes are made out of Taklon a high grade synthetic polyester fiber that mimics animal hair. No animals are harmed. No animal materials. Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial since they are non-porous, unlike animal fur.


In 2014, M.O.T.D (Makeup of the Day) Cosmetics broke the trend with how brushes are labeled. There’s no mystery for novice makeup enthusiasts guessing which brush does what anymore. In comes Chantal Azamian, who devotes herself to educating others of all makeup skill sets.

Inspired by the tools she used to create makeup looks, she designed a makeup brush line that provides more than just the ability to apply product.

These brushes support a beginner’s journey on becoming a makeup artist, they inspire you to step outside your comfort zone, they lead you to become better, and they empower you to be you.

Our mission:

We love what we do and we are committed to providing cutting-edge vegan makeup brushes.

We are an innovative cruelty-free brand with a personable touch.

We encourage creativity to create the looks you love.

We instill confidence in you through the use of our makeup brushes.

We empower you to be you.


Our vision:

We inspire beauty enthusiasts in all parts of the world to make a compassionate choice when purchasing makeup brushes.

We positively influence and educate.

We take away the guessing on how to apply makeup and inspire confidence.

We are the leading makeup brush brand that customers trust and love to use.


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