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HOLLYBETH Organics Marigold Face Kit – USDA Certified Organic


Please check each individual listing.

Please check each individual listing.

HollyBeth Organics is a USDA certified organic skincare line located at the cross-section of luxury and organic. Created by HollyBeth Anderson, the ultimate organic alchemist, the highly effective homeopathic range includes facial, body and home products designed to deliver the best of what Mother Nature has to offer: True ingredients for true beauty. From line staples like the Eye Cream and Grits & Honey Scrub, to Eye Serum, Body Balm and Skin Therapy, each product is hand formulated, poured and packaged direct from the company’s Atlanta, Georgia headquarters. In addition to being USDA certified organic, HollyBeth Organics has also received the Leaping Bunny seal of approval. 

Perfect for travel, sampling or gifting, this custom combination of HollyBeth Organics’ must-have skin care products for normal-to-oily or acne-prone skin is everything you need to indulge in organic, natural beauty.

HollyBeth Organics’ Marigold Face Kit is the perfect blend of products for anyone with normal to oily skin or acne-prone skin. Each kit contains our line of marigold-based products, HollyBeth’s organic solution for blemish prone skin. Wash away the grime of the day with our Marigold Foaming Cleanser. Soothe and protect irritable skin with our Marigold Toner. In addition, moisturize and reduce oiliness with our Marigold Bergamot Dry Oil. Enjoy a sample of HollyBeth’s bestselling Eye Cream to treat the delicate skin under the eye. This kit contains everything you need to treat oily, acne prone skin. Keep the oil away and acne at bay!

Each face kit contains:

  • Marigold Foaming Cleanser (1.7oz)
  • Marigold Toner (2oz)
  • Marigold Bergamot Dry Oil (.5oz)
  • Eye Cream (.25oz)


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