Little Barn Apothecary Flowers + Pink Clay Dry Shampoo

Little Barn Apothecary Flowers + Pink Clay Dry Shampoo

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Little Barn Apothecary Flowers + Pink Clay Dry Shampoo is a nurturing dry shampoo to help refresh your scalp and rid your hair of grease and grime. Little Barn Apothecary Flowers + Pink Clay Dry Shampoo is perfect for on the go, post workout, or after a long weekend. Vegan.

Size: 1.5oz


To use: Sprinkle a small amount at roots and brush or tousle through to ends. 


Ingredients: Rice starch*, pink and white clay, blend of essential oils*. This ingredient list is subject to updates. Customers should refer to the product packaging for the most up to date ingredients.




Never complicated, effortlessly effective.

Little Barn Apothecary believes in the luxury of simplicity. We take inspiration from the earth and the raw beauty of its natural elements to provide unique formulations designed to evoke a feeling of wellbeing.

Our products are 100% vegan, cruelty free, and truly all-natural. Each botanical ingredient is selected by hand and each product is carefully crafted in small-batch apothecary tradition in our micro facility in Atlanta, Georgia. No synthetic or “filler” ingredients will ever be used. We always want you to be able to turn your box over, look at the ingredient list, and feel good about everything that you’re putting on your skin. Uncomplicated products with real results. Little Barn wants to invite you to slow down, take a few minutes for yourself, and create a luxuriously simple self-care routine that works for you.

Every product is crafted in small-batch apothecary tradition with recycled glass bottles and minimal packaging. Transparency persists as a core value of the brand and every ingredient and its purpose will always be communicated so you can trust that what you’re putting on your skin is safe, ethical, and completely and wholly good for you. 


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