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Secret Service Beauty Lilac "Brows On Fleek" Tweezer


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97 mm “Brows On Fleek” in Lilac

Stainless Steel. Made in Italy. Hand Crafted.

Owner Rebecca, pictured has worked in the Cosmetics/Beauty Industry for nearly 11 years and with her knowledge and expertise was able to create a brand that not only makes her clients smooth but lets them find their inner personality when choosing their tweezer tool. We all know this is a very essential piece to any makeup bag. The bright bold fun colors and names are a blend of Ultra Luxury in one beauty tool worth investing.

Secret Service Beauty Tweezers are made just sharp enough to pull the hair out of the follicle without breaking the hair! In Many other instances, we have experienced other tweezers are not cut properly. In these circumstances, the hair breaks without pulling the whole bulb out of the follicle. Regrowth occurs much more quickly if you happen to be using the wrong pair of tweezers.

Our tweezers have the exact slant to rest directly against the skin to achieve the perfect tweeze every time!


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