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Laurel Whole Plant Travel Set : Normal/Dry/Mature
Laurel Whole Plant Travel Set : Normal/Dry/Mature

Laurel Whole Plant Travel Set : Normal/Dry/Mature

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Laurel Skin Travel Set Normal/Dry/Mature is the best way to try out the Laurel Skin line. Complete with Normal/Dry Cleanser, Normal/Mature Elixir, Antioxidant Serum, Almond Grain Exfoliant, and Citrus Spice Lip Treatment, all travel size. Laurel Skin Travel Set Normal/Dry/Mature travel set comes in a USA-made canvas zip bag that’s perfect for travel or gifting. Final Sale - Non Returnable

– 30ml Normal/Dry Cleanser

– 30ml Normal/Mature Elixir

– 10ml Antioxidant Serum

– 10ml Almond Grain Exfoliant

– 5ml Citrus Spice Lip Treatment


Follow directions on each individual product. Use Cleanser to wash skin, then mist Elixir directly onto clean skin, then apply 2-3 drops of Serum to moisturize, finish with a touch of Lip Treatment. Included is a two use trial of the Exfoliant. To find additional how to use, please see each individual product description page.

See individual product description page for all info.


Laurel Whole Plant Organics is a flower and herb based facial care line, firmly rooted in mindful beauty rituals, taking purity and efficacy to a new level by using the highest quality, artisan ingredients. A 100% organic, raw, unrefined, whole plant line, Laurel sources directly from bio-dynamic farms, handcrafting each product with love, integrity and unparalleled purity. Every formula is alcohol and water free, and made using the purest, most effective vibrant plants. Whether in spa or at home, Laurel Whole Plant Organics believes beauty should be a loving ritualistic practice that begins with nurturing self-care.

Our promise to our customers and ourselves is to never use parabens, synthetic fragrances, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, GMOs, non-organically grown plants, or any toxic chemical of any kind. Laurel WPO is committed to your health, well-being and your beautiful skin. It is a common misconception that putting toxins on your face is actually good for your skin – we beg to differ. A synthetic antioxidant in the presence of an abundance of carcinogens isn’t even remotely as powerful as pure antioxidants found in whole plants. Your skin can only handle so much harsh chemical treatment, before it starts to become harmful to your skin.

The Laurel line is also about taking time to care for yourself. We are strongly rooted in the spa and resort industry, which has taught us that slowing down and taking time to have a cup of tea and take a bath, really does take years off for the mind, body, and spirit. Everything we do is done with love; from the season it takes to grow our plants, to the months our handmade blends sit steeping, to the minutes we spend bottling a batch. From the farm to the lab – the whole making process is done with love and care, and you will feel that when you use our products. Make your skin care routine something you take time to do for yourself and it will be that much more powerful.


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