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Jordan Seban L’Huile (the oil in French)
Jordan Seban L’Huile (the oil in French)

Jordan Seban L’Huile (the oil in French)

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L'Huile is a unique blend of seven organic oils, combined at the perfect ratio to create the ultimate, multi-purpose nourishing treatment for the hair and skin.

Selected for their moisturizing and varying penetrating properties, they work synergistically with one another to promote the optimal benefit.

The oils in L'Huile are extracted without the use of any chemicals or solvents and most of them are cold-pressed. This delicate process preserves the oils' essential fatty acids, minerals and nutritional-rich properties, such as Vitamin A, B, & E, infusing the hair and skin with powerful antioxidant.

Sourced from the most exclusive organic purveyors from around the world, including Morocco, Kenya, India, Israel and Mexico, their amazing natural aroma are brought out with a soupçon of Jordan's signature fragrance, creating the one-of-a-kind smell.

Most beauty oils are formulated with additives and chemicals. While they might make hair and skin appear healthy and repaired, these other oils are diluted with synthetics components and only mask dryness. L'Huile is a pure and natural oil blend – free of any chemicals, sulfates, parabens or silicon.

The highly concentrated blend is so powerful, only a few drops are necessary as part of your daily beauty regimen. Vegan, cruelty free and gluten free.

Size: 3.4oz


L'Huile for hair

L’Huile helps restoring the natural hydro-lipid layer of the hair that has been damaged from years of styling, color treating and over processing. It deep nourishes, softens and protects the driest hair. And because of its pure and concentrated formulation, a little goes a long way.

Use L’Huile as a pre-shampoo treatment For very dry or thicker hair, pour a small amount (dime size or smaller) into your hands. Apply on lengths and ends, brush it through. For a lighter pre-shampoo treatment, mix a small amount with your favorite hair mask. The longer you let it sit, the deeper the restorative effect. Follow with your regular shampoo and conditioner.

Use L’Huile as a hair protection L’Huile is the perfect natural hair protector. To protect your hair against the harsh effects of chlorinated pool water and sea salt, apply a small amount on hair before swimming.

Use L’Huile as a all-natural hair serum to smooth and add shine, all while hydrating the hair.

Acting as the hair natural protecting layer, apply a few drops of L’Huile on lengths and ends before coloring or highlighting your hair to lessen damage and breakage.

L'Huile for skin 

L’Huile restores moisture and radiance to the driest skin. In just a few minutes, L’Huile is naturally absorbed in to the skin, leaving behind a satin-soft finish.

Massage a few drops directly on skin for maximum nourishing power. Combine L’Huile to your body cream or moisturizer to enhance and deepen the nourishing effect. Massage to hands, feet and cuticles for the ultimate manicured finish. 

1 Sweet Almond Oil *
Prunus dulcis Extracted exclusively from edible almonds, this luxuriously nutty oil is ultra-rich in Vitamin E and attributed to promoting overall hair and skin health.

2 Avocado Oil *
Persea americana Rich in saturated and mono-saturated fats, avocado oil easily penetrates the hair cuticle, providing support to and strengthening the hair fiber. Avocado oil is the perfect oil to help your hair retain moisture, as well as revive dry damaged hair from over styling and environmental wear and tear.

3 Jojoba Oil *
Simmondsia chinensis The properties of jojoba oil mimic that of sebum, the naturally occurring oil your skin and scalp produces. Jojoba oil acts as a hair protector, scalp moisturizer, and oil regulator.

4 Argan Oil *
Argania spinosa Also known as the Moroccan oil because of its origin, Argan oil is our multi-tasking miracle moisturizer that has been used for centuries for its unique benefits for the skin.

5 Macadamia Oil *
Macadamia intergrifolia Macadamia oil features one of the highest amount of omega-7 fatty acids compared to other nut oil, providing exceptional nourishment for the skin.

6 Shea Nut Oil *
Vittellaria paradoxa Light in texture and carefully extracted from Shea butter, Shea nut oil is more rare and features lighter, highly concentrated moisturizing properties than its well-known butter counterpart.

7 Safflower Oil *
Carthamus tinctorius Safflower oil features high amounts of oleic acid, making it light and easy to penetrate hair and skin.


It is clear that Jordan Seban was beyond his years from an early age. Growing up, Jordan was fascinated with styling and loved to do hair. By the time Jordan graduated high school at seventeen, there was no doubt in his mind that he would follow his life-passion, and immediately enrolled in the best hairstyling school in Paris, France. It was there that Jordan placed first in rigorous class exams.
This feat enabled him to be hired by some of the most prestigious salons as well as magazines and movie productions.

With a desire to take his craft overseas, Jordan followed his American dream in 2009. It was in Los Angeles that Jordan showcased his talents at the renowned, infamous Beverly Wilshire Hotel--a place where celebrity align with world-class travelers and distinguished locals.

His ability to transform hair from everyday looks into something glamorous and sophisticated quickly grabbed attention of high-profile clients and wealthy anonymous.
After working for his own salon -Jordan Seban Salon- , he decided to introduce a new offer to satisfy the need of privacy of his high maintenance clients. The exclusive concept of a travelling salon allows clients to simply phone the hairdresser, and Jordan would appear at their doorstep to trim their cuts, change their colors or fix a hairdo gone wrong- ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

And for the few clients who still prefer going to a salon - yet want privacy- Jordan welcome them ( By appointment only)  in his intimate Hair Studio in the heart of Brentwood, California.

"Los Angeles inspires me. It's like a big open theatre stage , where everyone try to look their best and put a lot of energy into it. Women are really serious about their hair, and beauty in general.
In Paris, there is a sense of fashion and style that you can't find anywhere else, however women have a totally different vision of what beauty is.
I think beauty is influenced by environment. As such, the goals of appearance are very different depending of where you are; and in LA there is a tradition of seeing a perfection that no one can achieve.
That's why here ,women often look a bit overdone, and very different than the Parisian clients. I love the challenge of blending my Parisian roots to it and that is what make my job so rewarding."

Jordan's clients like the idea that he would envision a look and would create it himself from the color to the cut and style.
Taking his inspiration from his favorite period , "the 50's to the 70's" , and following closely each Parisian fashion week. 

In 2016, Jordan created his first beauty product, L'Huile. For years, he has been watching his mother and grandmother using oils in their daily beauty and wellness regimens, and has witnessed first-hand their healing and transformative properties on hair and skin. He has perfected a natural blend of seven organic oils in one luxurious, multi-purpose and highly concentrated formula.

A year later, Jordan presents his second creation, Le Baume, a lightweight hair styling treatment.


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