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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Very nice

I ordered this hoping it would soothe my itchy scalp, and it did! Almost immediately as well. I'm going to use this on my hands, nails, itchy skin, and hair. Seems like a great product that can be used for almost anything. A little pricy but it's very nice. Also like the glass bottle.

Sandi R.
Excellent Product

I am a repeat customer purchasing this product. It is an amazing oil that hydrates skin and hair without feeling greasy. It feels like a spa like pampering treatment when used :)

Liz J.
1 Product Multi Uses

Love using this product at night to help detox my scalp and moisturize my ends and hands.

Chelsea H.
High Quality oil

I bought this oil for my hair originally. The pump isn’t very sensitive so it’s impossible to get only a few drops from it (versus a full pump). I’m using it for my face now instead and I like it. I’m sensitive to fragrance and this is nice, non-offensive. It’s hydrating for dry skin too. I wish I could use it for my hair but it’s working well for my skin.

Rachel W.
Love this brand!

After my previous hair care choices left my scalp feeling itchy and my hair dry, this brand (and the harmonic healing oil in particular!) has made such a difference in the health and hold of my curls. My hair is now silky to touch. I am never going back!!

Debbie V.
Perfect for face!

I’ve been using this Harmonic Healing Oil for several years and I love it. I use it on my face day and night to seal in my moisturizers. I also use it sparingly on my curly hair for the same reason, to seal in moisture.

Beautiful texture and smell

While this is a thick oil it's not super sticky or overly heavy. I'm actually using it on my belly currently to help prevent stretch marks. No comments on that yet but it still feels really nice. It's very versatile and that's one of the things I love about it. I've used it on my scalp, hair and body. I heard it's also good for under the eyes!

Jasmine F.
Lovely hair oil

I love this oil. I have very fine, straight hair that has thinned out having children. I use this at night on both my scalp (in hopes of calming inflammation and encouraging regrowth) and dry ends. It has a very light earthy smell, which doesn’t bother me at all and I’m very sensitive to smells. The price made me hesitate at first, but I just purchased my second bottle, it’s totally worth it. Innersense is my favorite brand of hair care!

Helped my Dry Scalp

I had really dry scalp and was really flaky and itchy, but this definitely helped fix that problem. Just took two days!