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Customer Reviews

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Clean and Shiny Hair

Keeps my hair clean and shiny, with a very nice scent!


I like this. It's a nice cleanser. I have a really oily, itchy, and sometimes problematic scalp. It seems very gentle and nourishing. I just get a lot of buildup and using this overtime I would need to switch it out with something more deep cleaning.


I love this shampoo. It's very gentle and helps my moisturizing shampoo cleanse with more body.

Rachel P.
Great shampoo

Love this clarifying shampoo

Autumn H.
Clean Shampoo

I love that the ingredients are all clean! No more worrying about the chemicals in other shampoos.

Jennifer M.
Love Innersense

I have straight, fine, perimenopausal frizzy hair that is oily and dry at the same time (go figure). I use this shampoo with the pure inspiration conditioner and ooh La La, my hair is soft and shiny, smells divine and I can now go 2 or more days without washing. Love this stuff 😉!!!

Pure Love

I absolutely adore this shampoo. I honestly haven't found any Innersense product that I don't like. It smells wonderful and lathers up really well. My appreciate that my hair feels so light after using and I can go a few days before washing again.

Jenice P.
Clean hair

This is a great cleanser. It lathers up the most out of the 3 hair baths. I like this one on days when my scalp and hair feel a little dirtier. Does a great job, and a little goes a long way.

Ilene M.
Our Favorite Shampoo

Both my husband and I love using Pure Harmony Hairbath. We love everything Innersense!

5 Stars

I have had a serious struggle transitioning from "regular" shampoo to natural, silicone free shampoo. Even after getting thru the detox process of switching, my hair was not liking any type of cleanser. It would become oily, flakey, and sticky (ummm, gross!)! I had almost given up after over a year of trying when I saw this item. I thought I tried everything else, so why not? I am so glad I did! This cleanser cleaned my hair, softened my curls, and got my scalp back to great health. I do double wash, but the results are so worth the time! Now my hair is so manageable, looks pretty, and is hydrated without a "coating" feel to it. I can go 4 to 5 days without having wash it(can somebody say "Hallelujah!") And another huge plus is that the scent is mild, so many products I tried before were so strong in the floral or herbal direction. I would definitely recommend giving this one a try!