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Hero Cosmetics Micropoint for Dark Spots
Hero Cosmetics Micropoint for Dark Spots

Hero Cosmetics Micropoint for Dark Spots

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Hero Cosmetics Micropoint For Dark Spots is the brightening patch. Blemishes like to leave their mark. Fight back with Hero Cosmetics Micropoint For Dark Spots, a powerful post-blemish patch that uses 173 dissolving Micropoints to deliver an advanced combo of brightening ingredients. Patch the dark spot every 2-3 days to visibly brighten skin. 

Size: 6 patches - one time use each

Final Sale - Non Returnable

Micropoint for Blemishes and Mighty Patch took that pimple down fast. Now, Micropoint for Dark Spots is here to finish what they started.👊

After extracting or patching a blemish, nourish your skin with Rescue Balm for a day or two — then hit it with Micropoint for Dark Spots.

Patch the spot 2x per week to noticeably reduce the look of post-blemish pigmentation.

Every Micropoint is fully loaded with powerhouse skin-brighteners to improve the look of dark spots, visibly improve uneven tone and texture, and boost overall glowiness to help get your skin back to normal, fast.✨

Our Micropoints are infused with brightening ingredients like niacinamide, tranexamic acid, beta glucan, and vitamin C.

Other ingredients: sodium hyaluronate, trehalose, glycerin, propanediol, 1,2-hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, glycolic acid, ethylhexylglycerin.


Dear mighty you,

Like most everyone else, I had (and still do) the occasional pimple emergency. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid would leave my sensitive skin red. Concealer and cover up didn’t help the pimples go away. Why couldn’t I find something that wasn’t harsh on my skin but helped it go away fast? I discovered these acne patches and thought, “Why didn’t I know about these 10 years ago?” They. Really. Work. It’s now my mission to educate and let everyone in on the secret of hydrocolloid acne patches.

Ju, Co-Founder/CEO



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