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Customer Reviews

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Alanah M.
Love this Oil

I know this isnt the exact intended use of this product, but I read that you could mix in a couple drops to the good medicine moisturizer, clarity. It really helps take the moisturizer to a new level and allows you to have a heavier night cream! I really love it for that use and as an oil cleanser.

Aprille R.
Best cleanser

I’ve been using this cleanser for a couple months now and I’m in love! I have super oily skin and was hesitant to purchase this but after reading the reviews and product description, I decided to try it. I’m so glad I did. This cleanser has kept my oily skin in check and I love that my skin still feels hydrated after washing. The problem with most cleansers for oily skin is that it strips away natural oils which actually causes more sebum production. My skin definitely feels softer, smoother and clearer.

Heather T.
Luxurious experience

All I can say is WOW. the texture (thick, smooth, velvety) makes the experience of using this unlike any other product. The smell of the product immediately calms you. Does a great job of removing makeup while leaving your skin moisturized. Not as easy to remove eye makeup without the use of a washcloth, but that is to be expected. MUST BUY.

Kathryn B.
Great product!

I have oily, sensitive, acne prone skin. This cleanser does a good job with cleansing and taking off my makeup. I do use this twice at night. Once to take off my makeup (I wipe it off with a makeup wipe) and the second time I wash again and then wipe it off with a hot wash cloth. I always bring it down the neck too. I have bought at least 3 bottles and will continue to repurchase. This cleanser also does not break me out and EVERYTHING breaks me out. So that’s awesome. Also leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized.

Melissa M.
Leaves my skin feeling so supple and clean!

Initially hesitant because I thought this would be a super heavy oil that would leave strange residue on my skin, but I was wrong - it's fantastic! Was surprised at how easy the oil is to spread on the skin - I find myself massaging my face for about 2 minutes because of it. When I'm done I place a warm washcloth on my face for a few seconds and then gently wipe away the oil. My face is left feeling so clean and.. replenished! I have super oily skin but love to use hydrating products, and I love that this doesn't dry out my skin at all. Definitely repurchasing!