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Esker Allover Roller
Esker Allover Roller

Esker Allover Roller

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Esker Beauty Allover Roller extends beyond the beloved ritual of jade rolling and is designed specifically for use all over the body. 

The Esker Beauty Allover Roller itself is textured to increase stimulation, breaks up fascia which causes tension and puffiness throughout the body, and helps to absorb and boosts the effects of any treatment oil or product applied to the body. This simple yet enjoyable ritual instantly soothes and over time reveals skin that is toned, firm, and glowing. 

Size: The extra large roller is crafted from sturdy, polished Xiuyan jade and stainless steel and measures 7” x 3.25”.

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Immediately after cleansing skin in bath or shower apply lightweight body oil from head to toe. Using light to medium pressure, roll in short strokes all over including neck, chest, shoulders, arms, legs, torso and bottoms of feet. 

Make sure to roll the direction of natural lymph flow, towards the trunk and heart.

Packaging: The Allover Roller is housed in a 100% plastic-free recyclable box (no foam inserts, no synthetic fabric lining).

Esker Beauty.  Everything your body needs, nothing it doesn’t.

Our bodies make up 90% of our skin’s real estate and nearly 60% of what we put on it is absorbed into the skin, so it’s important to take bodycare just as seriously as we do the skin on our faces.

Each of Esker’s targeted lines feature a blend of organic oils that nourish the skin, body washes that cleanse naturally and specialized tools elevate the bodycare experience.  By leveraging high quality, natural formulations that are beneficial to the skin, Esker aims to transform simple body care routines into meditative rituals that heal, restore, and hydrate skin. Esker is carefully crafted in the US and based in Austin, Texas.


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