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Eco Tan Tan Remover Glove

Eco Tan Tan Remover Glove

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Eco Tan Exfoliating Glove is essential for the best tanning results with our tanning products, can be used as a dry buff with body scrubs or with body washes for smooth skin. Eco Tan Exfoliating Glove works great on ingrown hairs, flaky dry skin, and rough, uneven skin. Eco-Friendly and Re-usable.

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  • Use in the shower with body wash and brush skin evenly in smooth, circular motions all over face & body
  • Or may be used before showering as a dry body buff  with a Scrub to stimulate the lymphatic system by brushing over limbs and body in swift, firm strokes towards the heart
  • Use 24-48 hours prior to tanning for perfect preparation
  • Perfect for removing old or unwanted tan to reveal smooth skin
  • Rinse all after use and hang to dry. Can be hand washed
  • Do not use on the same day as tan application.


The material is Made with plant fibers & eco dye

Sonya Driver became consumed with finding a safe sunless tanning alternative after her sister was diagnosed with a melanoma at only thirty years of age.

“I began researching the ingredients in products we were using and I did not like what I found... I wasn’t prepared to use these products on my own skin and was even more concerned about the risk they posed to my sister. It was in these very moments that Eco Tan was pioneered. 

Using a Certified Organic skin care range really does make a difference. After all, your skin is your largest organ and much of what you put on it gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Whether you prefer yourself tan to be express or slow-building, Eco Tan promises you the most beautiful, believable bronze for all complexionsGuaranteed!”


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