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Crystal Hills Organics Crystal Moon Goddess Bath Salts

Crystal Hills Organics Crystal Moon Goddess Bath Salts

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Awaken your inner goddess as you nurture yourself in a lavish soak of organic botanicals, Dead Sea salt, and quartz crystals, with the scents of jasmine, frankincense and neroli drifting around you.

Let Crystal Moon Goddess remind you of your beauty, strength, sensuality, and unabashedly feminine nature. Embrace your goddess.

Size: 17oz


Quartz: Highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers through the ages as one of the world’s most powerful healing crystals. Quartz amplifies energy and harmonizes all the body’s chakras, resulting in a more balanced energy. These beautiful clear crystals adjust your vibrational field, transmuting any negative energies into positive ones.


White Tea: loaded with polyphenol antioxidants, white tea is a potent skin rejuvenation agent. Also very beneficial in protecting the skin against oxidative stress, including ultraviolent radiation. White tea helps in the repair and recovery of damaged skin and keeps your skin looking younger.

Marshmallow: A soothing, gentle, moistening and softening herb for the skin. Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities are very beneficial for irritations, insect bites, burns, rashes and skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Elderflower: Highly antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antibacterial. Elderflowers are used in the treatment of cuts and wounds, chapped skin, irritated sensitive skin and for healing sunburns. Elderflower water also good for softening the skin as well as mild skin lightening and decreasing freckles.

Jasmine: tones all types of skin and is especially good for dry, sensitive, dehydrated and irritated skin. The flowers are able to give the skin a healthy look by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, plus restoring elasticity and moisture.

Ashwaganda: known for its potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. Ashwaganda helps to speed up the healing process and promote cell regeneration. This powerful herb helps to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin, restore ones overall vitality and acts as an herbal aphrodisiac.

Solar Dried Sea Salt: a premium quality sea salt that has been naturally dried by the sun’s heat to retain all of nature’s goodness. Has a high mineral content, perfect for rejuvenating and softening the skin, relaxing sore muscles and soothing irritating skin.

Dead Sea Salt: from the Dead Sea, the world’s most mineral-laden body of water, which has attracted many visitors who have sought healing relief. Rich in valuable minerals such as bromide, magnesium, potassium, calcium and other trace minerals that help nourish the body and sustain well-being. Soaking in Dead Sea salts can provide therapeutic can reduce inflammation, relieve muscular pain, ease psoriasis and arthritic conditions, reducing acne and even calm allergic reactions.

MSM: a naturally occurring organic substance found in the body and plants that provides plenty of benefits such as a reducing inflammation, increasing blood circulation as well as alleviating muscle and joint pain. MSM is a powerful detoxifier as it enhances the permeability of cell membranes so that toxic waste products can be excreted while simultaneously absorbing beneficial nutrients.



Place bath salts in muslin bag and immerse in tub or hang under spout while tub is filling.


Quartz Crystals combined with Solar Dried Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, MSM, Dendritic Salt, Organic Ashwagandha Root, Organic Jasmine Flowers, Organic Marshmallow Root, Organic Elderflowers, White Tea Extract, and a proprietary blend of essential oils including Jasmine, Organic Frankincense and Organic Neroli.

Exquisite flowers, beneficial herbs, and high-vibration crystals are synergistically blended to create the Crystal Hills product line. Our goal is simple: to use the healing power of nature to cleanse, soothe, protect, and beautify your skin.

We firmly believe that what we put onto our skin is just as important as the food we eat in restoring and maintaining the body’s harmony and vitality. All of our all-natural formulas are crafted to work at a cellular level to enrich, nourish, and protect the skin.

Our process begins by choosing the best ingredients. We consider the highest quality of ingredients over cost savings. When possible, we use the freshest organic botanicals from our own backyard, and then source other required organic ingredients with exceptional qualities from suppliers who share our philosophies.

Our aim is to minimize our carbon footprint and maintain environmentally sustainable business practices to benefit future generations.

Our Farm

Crystal Hills’ farm has organic certification for our grapes, herbs, and flowers. We enrich the soil with only organic nutrients and biodynamic preparations. We believe that organically grown botanicals are more potent and have a higher vibration. We use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients for our products.



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