Keeko Copper Tongue Cleaner

Keeko Copper Tongue Cleaner

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Keeko's Copper Tongue Cleaner magically scrapes away plaque and toxins from the tongue. The result? Better oral hygiene and awakened tastebuds. 

This nifty tool seriously reduces bacteria nasties on your tongue, helping keep it fur free & your breath smelling super fresh. 

The pure anti-bacterial elements of copper have traditional been used in Ayurveda for centuries where cleaning the tongue every morning is considered as important as brushing your teeth. Just like your toothbrush, we recommend you change your copper tongue cleaner every 3 months to keep it in optimum condition. 

Handcrafted in India. Reusable & earth friendly.

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    Wash with warm soapy water before use
    Hold by the looped handles 
    Place the horse shoe shaped edge at the back of your tongue
    4. Apply light pressure, scrape your tongue from back to front
    5. Rinse under water and repeat as needed


    100% Copper. Made in India.

    We’re Keeko

    We make fun AF tooth care products that give you clean teeth, healthier insides and a sparkly white smile, naturally. Tested on babes, not bunnies, Keeko is formulated by dental professionals harnessing the superpowers of natural ingredients!

    Packed with all of the good stuff, none of the bad. Meet your new smile sidekicks.


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