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Chocolate Sun Cocoa Fleur #2 (Self Tanner)
Chocolate Sun Cocoa Fleur #2 (Self Tanner)

Chocolate Sun Cocoa Fleur #2 (Self Tanner)

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This is the perfect way to bring our professional treatment home with you. For medium to darker skin tones. Handcrafted with our proprietary blend of botanicals and antioxidants, this "on the go" pro treatment nurtures your skin while delivering the perfect golden brown tan.

Tanning Atomizer: Medium to darker skin tones)

Vegan & Gluten Free

Size: 4oz



Apply to clean dry skin. Apply carefully making sure you overlap each stroke to avoid streaking. It is important to keep the atomizer in motion when applying. Stay 6-8 inches from face and body and 10-12 inches from hands and feet. Product is highly concentrated, a little goes a long way. You will see an immediate bronzed effect but product will take 6-8 hours to develop. Skin must stay dry while developing. A slight tingling sensation may occur. Results vary. When using a new product, patch test product. Use every 7-10 days. Wait until tan is completely faded before reapplying. Overuse will cause unnatural looking results. Avoid getting product in eyes. If product gets in eyes, use water to flush affected area immediately. If irritation occurs, contact your physician. Store in cool, dry area.


Take it from us; applying a sunless tanning product takes practice.

We have compiled the following techniques to assist you.

These tips work no matter where you find yourself.

Your home, a Hotel Room, a College Dorm, your best friend’s house or significant other’s place…

BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE APPLICATION OF YOUR COCOA FLEUR TANNING ATOMIZER TREATMENT, please review the following items and environment tips that you will need for a flawless Chocolate Sun treatment:

Points Of Interest:

~ There will be overspray from the Atomizer application. It is water soluble, which means you can wipe it off of the sink, toilet, etc in your bathroom by using warm water. It will also wash out of most cloth items but it is best to use towels and clothing that you don't care about, in case of a stain.

~ Please carefully consider the space you will do application

We suggest the following spaces for you In Home/Personal Application

Your shower...Only when the shower dry. Do not use if the shower was just used and wet or humid. Lay down a towel to stand on in the shower, to avoid slipping. Your bathtub...Only when the tub is dry. Do not use if tub is wet from a previous bath. Lay down a towel to stand on in the tub, to avoid slipping. Your balcony or backyard deck, patio, etc, presuming those spaces are private. Lay down a towel to stand on. A clear space of approximately 2-4 feet is ideal.

Remember To have In Place

Spray in a dry environment.

Have a towel or sheet to stand on. This will absorb any overspray of the product and prevent slipping. Also cover areas around chosen treatment area with a towel or sheet to protect your surroundings from any overspray.

Your favorite level of Chocolate Sun Cocoa Fleur Tanning Atomizer.

3 wash clothes (2 dry, 1 moist not wet)

A blow dryer or fan based on your preference for cool or warm air in which to dry and set the solution.

Dark loose fitting clothing to change into after your treatment is fully dry. There may be rub of of the bronzer. This is not your tan and should wash out of most materials.

If tanning your entire body, you should allow approximately 20 un-interrupted minutes. This is NOT a treatment that you should rush through. No matter how great the product, the treatment needs to be applied with care and consideration. The same way you would apply your makeup, for example.

Lastly, a little patience goes a long way towards a successful personal application. Once the product develops, your skin should be perfectly bronzed. The product is an amazing way to even out your skin tone, hide perceived flaws, as well as delivering a beautiful and natural looking tan.

You can always reapply to deepen the color, it is best to start slow until you become proficient with the application.


~ Prepare a damp cloth, (not wet) and a dry cloth prior to starting your application.

This will be used at the end of your application for the final cleaning of your hands. As you will not be able to submerge your hands or any other body part, in soap, water, or any other liquid for at least 6-8 hours.

Once you have applied the Chocolate Sun treatment your skin needs to remain dry during development time…

~ Please shake product vigorously prior to application. Natural products will separate between uses and shaking the product will ensure the active tanning ingredient is mixed back into the product.

~ Skin must be exfoliated, clean, dry and free of all products.

~ Complete all of your beauty treatments (manicure/pedicure/waxing/hair coloring), first and save your Chocolate Sun application as the final skin perfecting treatment.



~ Start by applying a light coat of moisturizer to the top of your hand and feet. Rub moisturizer in evenly.

Remember areas between fingers and toes as well as the sides of hands, palms feet and heals of feet. This will be the LAST place you apply the sunless tanning product so these areas will have time to absorb some of the moisturizer use as a barrier.

~ It is best to complete the bottom application, (foot to calve to thigh front side then right above ankle to calve to back of thigh to buttocks/hip/back side). Then dry the bottom of the body before moving on to the mid-section and top. This will make the application more comfortable, as you will not be twisting and turning with wet skin, which can also cause creasing.

~ Stay approximately 3-4 inches from area you are applying. This helps prevent over applying.

~ Use broad circular motion or zig zag motions across each area of application. Be sure to overlap stroke of application preventing missed areas.

~ If applying to your whole body you should work from the bottom to the top.

~ Always keep atomizer in motion and moving when applying.


~ When applying to face, neck and décolleté the application should have a a distance of 6-8 inches from the area you are tanning. Pay close attention to blending from face, neck to décolleté. Be sure to blend into hairline, to avoid a line of demarcation. If you have extremely light hair, avoid getting product into hair. Wear a hair cap if necessary.

~ Overlap each stroke to avoid streaking and missed areas.

~ As you apply the product it may take some time to absorb into your skin. You may use a fan or blow-dryer to expedite drying time. DO NOT rub product into skin.

~ Because face, hands and feet require a little extra precision, you will save these parts for last.

Prepping Top of Hands and Tops of Feet

~ When applying product to hands and feet, it is a good idea to have applied moisturizer to these areas. This will dilute the product enough to achieve a natural looking tan on these areas and prevent the treatment from developing too dark. You have been instructed to do this at the beginning of your treatment, even though you will not apply sunless tanning product on these areas until the very end of your application. These areas of our body are very thin skinned, therefore it is important to pay close attention and not over tan them.



~ Product should be applied starting at your ankles. Work one leg at a time, front and back of calve then front thigh and back of thigh and onto buttocks. Remember you are saving feet for last.

~ Remember to spray product up and onto buttocks while working on the back of the legs. It is ok to blend spray up and onto lower back.


~ Continue applying product onto lower back, working your way up to the midsection of your back.

~ Next you will work product onto your upper back. This may require some extra reaching, contorting, or assistance. Helpful hint: you can lean forward from the waste, putting your head down and begin spraying towards your lower back, slowing from left to right. The Atomizers are under pressure and the spray will project easily. There is no getting around it. This area can be challenging to reach.


~ Continue by applying product onto the stomach. Remember to spray/wrap product around the sides of your body blending into the application done on the back.


~ Apply to breast and chest area blending onto the neck, and over the tops of the shoulders until you have blended into the application done on the upper back.


~ Starting at the top of the front of the shoulder, apply product in a back and forth ‘Zig Zag” motion, working downward onto the front of arm until you reach the wrist.

~ Next apply a much lighter coat of product to the inside of arms. Remembering that "distance is your friend”. You want to have the Atomizer approximately 8-10 inches from the inside of your arm. This part of the arm should never be as dark as the outer part of the arm. You should be careful to blend lightly around the armpit region. Do not apply directly on the armpit. Armpits do not tan. This will give you an unnatural result.


~ Apply lightly, but thoroughly, to the tops of the feet blending onto the ankle, where the application began. Helpful hint: The feet tend to tan easily. Remembering that “less is more”. You will have applied a light coat of moisturizer prior to beginning the treatment. This will dilute the product enough to achieve a natural looking tan.


~ Blend product from the top of your forehead down to the neck. Apply product in a back and forth ‘Zig Zag” motion

~ Be deliberate in your application to ensure you get full coverage.


~ Finally, apply lightly, but thoroughly, to the tops of hands, blending onto wrists. Helpful hint: The hands tend to tan easily. You may want to mix your favorite moisturizer in equal parts, with the Chocolate Sun Treatment. This will dilute the product enough to achieve a natural looking tan.

~ Now that you have successfully finished your application to your hands, you will need to utilize your prepared damp cloth to thoroughly wipe the palms of your hands and inside of your fingers. Do not submerge your hands in water after applying the treatment to this area.



~ Roll a small soft hand towel and using the smooth side of the rolled towel, very lightly sweep over outer edges of armpits, wrists, ankles, hands, feet and the inside of arms. This will help blend application.

~ It is best to wear loose fitting, dark clothing, while product develops.

~ Your skin must remain dry for 6-8 hours. No workouts, no swimming, no showers, no bathing, or doing dishes, until application time is complete.

~ Be especially careful to not submerge hands in water if it is necessary to wash them before development time is complete. It is best to wipe palms of hands only with damp cloth.

~ If you brush your teeth before the development process is complete, do not allow water to splash on your chin.

~ Be sure to wrap a paper towel around any glass, bottle or cup that you are drinking from. Perspiration may drip and interrupt the development process.

~ You do not need to be paranoid of water, simply be conscious of it. Water splashes on us more then we generally realize.

~ For those of us with dogs, big or small, be sure to wear long, loose fitting pants. The treatment is sweet, and our furry/four legged kids like to lick it.



~ If you discover that you missed a spot or an area after your application has over developed, or you wish for a darker result over-all, you can easily reapply the product to the missed area to fix the area or darken the original application.

~ If you do not clean your hands thoroughly after application and sunless tanning product develops on unintended areas such as palms of hands or in between your fingers, you can use an emery board to gently exfoliate the mistake. This will at least lighten the area and assist in the fading process.

~ If you accidentally apply too much product and your sunless tanning results are too dark, gently exfoliate the skin with appropriate face or body scrub. This will assist the fading process and lightening of the sunless tan.

~ If liquid is splashed on skin during development time, it is best to gently blot the affected area dry and leave alone, allowing product to continue to develop.

~ Avoid getting product in eyes. If product gets into eyes, use water to flush affected area immediately. If irritation occurs, contact your physician.

~ Remember to keep your skin moisturized after development time is complete and you have washed the application area for the first time. This will help the tan last longer and fade evenly.

~ Use every few days. Over use may result in patchy color and dryness.

~ Development time may vary.

~ Sunless tanning results vary.


~ Keeping your skin moisturized after your sunless tan has developed, helps extends the life of your tan and assists the tan in fading evenly.

~ Your sunless tan will lighten daily as your skin goes through a natural exfoliation process.

~ Because facial skin is continually exposed to the environmental elements such as pollution, varying weather conditions and free radicals, it is typical for the sunless tan on your face, to fade more quickly than a sunless tan on your body.

~ Your sunless tan will fade more quickly if you are using anti-aging or exfoliating products in your daily beauty routine. Specifically, products like Retin A can be drying and cause your skin to become flakey during treatment. A sunless tanning product will not work well in conjunction with this type of product.

~ Hormonal changes brought on by menstruation, use of certain medications, diet or stress can cause sunless tanning products to be less effective. Occasionally, these hormonal changes may prevent the development of the sunless tanning product all- together. Don’t despair just reapply.

~ Excessive soaking in baths, pools, or any body of water will shorten the life of the tan.

~ Using scrubs and/or loofah gloves will shorten the life of the tan.

~ Avoiding excessive exposure to the sun is the most effective way to maintain healthy, youthful looking skin.


aqua (pH-balanced distilled water), dihydroxyacetone (DHA), aloe barbadensis (aloe vera gel), oleo europea (extra virgin olive oil), camellia sinensis leaf (green tea extract) glycerin (vegetable-derived), helianthus annus (sunflower oil), organic caramel colour, proprietary blend of organic and wild crafted herbs and plant extracts, theobroma cacao (organic cocoa bean), glucono delta-lactone, sodium benzoate, calcium gluconate) all-natural preservative.

87% Organic Ingredients. Water not included in calculations. Organic ingredients come from certified growers. Additional ingredients in formula are wild crafted EcoCertified, or 100% Natural.


The Chocolate Sun Collection was created by natural skincare enthusiast Susie Phillips. Working with a botanical chemist, Susie created a solution using botanicals, herbs and essential oils as the foundation for all Chocolate Sun formulas. The emphasis placed on the ingredients is what differentiates the Chocolate Sun Collection from other products on the market.

The immediate task was to develop a sunless solution that could be, first and foremost, a hydrating and nurturing skin care treatment with the benefit of tanning the skin.

Our professional solutions and retail products are handcrafted in small batches. We start each batch with our proprietary blend of organically grown, wild crafted, natural botanicals and herbs. All ingredients used are chosen for their powerful and protective antioxidant properties, natural sunscreen properties and nurturing and hydrating qualities.

The next step is to include the active tanning ingredient Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane, and by the fermentation of glycerin. DHA is listed in the FDA regulations as an approved color additive for use in imparting color to the human body. This sugar is the active ingredient that causes the skin to darken when applied topically.

The Chocolate Sun professional solutions and retail collection are free of mineral oils, dyes, lanolin, parabens, PABA, alcohol, petro-chemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate, and formaldehyde. They are non-comedogenic. Chocolate Sun products are never tested on animals and are vegan friendly. With an eye on the environment, we use recycled materials when choosing our bottles and our packaging is minimal, no excess boxes and outer plastic wrapping.

Because Chocolate Sun is made with organically grown botanicals and herbs, pure essential oils and chemical-free preservatives, it is free of the unpleasant odor often associated with conventional sunless tanning products. Our tan delivers the most natural looking color on every skin type, and fades flawlessly. No streaking or dry patches.

Recognizing that every client has different skin care needs, Chocolate Sun’s technician’s custom blend a solution that is perfect for each individual. If purchasing one of our sunless lotions, we will guide you in choosing the right formula for your skin type.

There are Chocolate Sun studios located in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, California. In addition to our studios, the Chocolate Sun Treatment is licensed to high-end hotels, day spas, and wellness centers. Although we do not have ownership in these accounts, they are extensively trained and certified by Chocolate Sun to offer our treatment and sell our retail collection.

Chocolate Sun will remain committed to the pursuit of the finest organic, wild crafted and natural remedies for skin care. It is our intention to promote natural alternatives for skin care as a “LIFESTYLE CHOICE.”


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