Moon Magic Carnelian Organic Herbal face cloth for Oily skin care - balance SALE

Moon Magic Carnelian Organic Herbal face cloth for Oily skin care - balance SALE

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Carnelian Moon Face Cloth, Immortality in an organic washcloth

Carnelian contains a beautiful blend of herbs specific in balancing oily issues.

This face cloth contains a refined elixir of the best herbs, crystals, moon and alchemy to produce the best results in caring for oily skin types.

Contains Revitalizing and lymphatic moving herbs of Licorice, Guggul, Orange, Cinnamon, carnelian and more.

Utilizing an ancient sacred method of herbal dyeing that binds the herbs with the fabric but allows a slow release from the fabric with use via friction and water.

It’s an herbal elixir for your face.

Size: Washcloth is about 2x2 inches and super plush.

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With daily use they are good for 30 days and often longer, after you still have a wonderful plush organic face cloth. Use as you would a normal washcloth, the herbal attributes imbued in the fibers send a constant nourishing and healing experience to your skin.

Organic cotton.

Colors may slightly vary based upon the dye lot.
Nourish with nature. Hand dyed and sewn with plants and love by Moon Magic.


Creating in harmony with nature From deep within the lush forests of the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California, utilizing many local and wild crafted botanicals along with pure joy and stardust to bring you mindfully crafted goods for your best life ever! Botanical Perfume and fresh dipped incense using hand mixed and alchemist plant blends. DIY incense kits, organic skin care and more! We use no artificial fragrance, parabens, synthetics or rubbish ever!


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