Carlucce Hush-Hush Brush

Carlucce Hush-Hush Brush

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Carlucce Hush-Hush Brush has the same straight flat edge top and pointed sides as the Cache Cream Brush., Carlucce Hush-Hush Brush allows you to get better precision. With so many fine bristols, you can easily be buffed out for light to heavy coverage under eyes and in more precise areas. 

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Size: approximately 5" long

A small multi angled brush that can be used for precision such as highlighting brows, and outlining lips for a more refined lip line and concealer under eyes.

Vegan: synthetic hair, wooden handles and gold matte aluminum ferrule 

Carlucce is a clean beauty brand founded by Carla Abruzzo who has been a makeup artist for the last decade specializing in television. During her time on set Carla found several of her actors were breaking out from chemicals in mainstream foundations. She started using clean makeup on her actors and noticed improvements however there were still two major problems…. The coverage was too light and the brands on the market were not vegan. Carla decided if she couldn’t find what she needed then she would create it. And she did. Her hero formula cache cream meets the needs of the film industry, but more importantly was designed for you. The every day hero.


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