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Analog Blushing Meadow Botanist Cuff
Analog Blushing Meadow Botanist Cuff
Analog Blushing Meadow Botanist Cuff

Analog Blushing Meadow Botanist Cuff

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Encapsulated sweetheart roses and baby's breath whisper of the natural romance of wild, roving meadows, and the sweet breezes that allow its flora to bob and dance.


This cuff is made with red sweetheart roses and white baby's breath encased in clear resin, and featuring a smooth, rounded edge.


Our Botanist cuffs are hand-crafted with all natural flowers and plant life. Each miniature vignette is a forever preserved wearable work of art you can keep close to you every day. These reminders of nature are carefully hand cast, cut, and finished, giving them an unparalleled level of clarity. Each floral and plant detail is hand-placed resulting in no two identical pieces.


One Size, Approximately 3 1/4" Diameter, Approximately 2 1/2" Opening


It all started as a college design project. Analog’s Founder/Designer, Lorenzo Buffa, wanted to infuse the everyday with a little bit of nature. Analog Watch Co. is an independent design studio based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They care about craftsmanship, beauty, and simplicity. Driven by experimentation and aspiring to transform and reimagine materials, Analog’s accessories are minimal and functional pieces that remind the wearer of nature. Analog has captured its share of the niche accessories market in designing beautiful products that aim to function as wearable works of art. Through using all natural materials, no two watches are alike. Analog’s love for nature runs deep, so most of their collections are paired with non-profit partners.

Here at Analog, we know it’s our responsibility to give back.

Thanks to this purchase, we will donate a portion of the sale toward botanical stewardship and lifelong learning at Bartram’s Garden, the oldest surviving botanical garden in North America.

Together, we strive to give back to fostering diversity, creativity, and community through nature and education.


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