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Dr. Brite Antioxidant Infused Teeth Whitening Pen: Mint


Remove cap, click base to release a small amount of gel onto silicone brush tip.

Smile wide, keeping lips away from teeth. Using up and down motion, apply gel to visible surfaces of teeth. For best results, avoid eating and drinking for 15 minutes after gel is applied.

Wash silicone brush tip with lukewarm water and close cap after use to prevent gel from drying out.

1 to 2 clicks for top teeth and 1-2 clicks for bottom teeth.

More detailed instructions:

1. Dry teeth with a tissue.

2. Click the end of the pen about 20 times before the first use to get the gel out. This will prime the airless pump.

3. Apply gel on the surface of each tooth with a firm pressure in a circular motion. Similar to erasing something with an erasure.

4. Keep your mouth open and let the gel dry for two minutes.

5. No need to rinse the gel out. Do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes.

6. Repeat up to 3 times per day.


Purified Water, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Organic Glycerin*, Organic Xylitol*, Cellulose Gum, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Organic Coconut Oil*, Organic Menta Spicata (Spearmint Essential Oil)*, Menthol

*Certified Organic Ingredients

The Dr. Brite brand was born from a passion and vision to make the world a less chemically toxic place. We're two sisters, Pooneh, a practicing dentist, and Paris, a cancer surgeon, who decided to combine our years of professional experience to create the most innovative brand of health and beauty products that are safe, effective, and naturally good for you. As a "Dr. MOMpreneur duo," we hope to revolutionize the oral care industry with the launch of our 100 percent natural product line that's free of the harmful ingredients found in most everyday products.

We searched the market and realized there was a void when it came to safe, effective, organic, sustainable, and reasonably priced personal care products. We decided to create the most natural, effective and delicious health care products on the market, we are also purposefully handcrafting it all sustainably at our headquarters in California. We know that what goes into the products you use is important to you so transparency is important to us. You can feel confident knowing that there aren't any "secret ingredients" in our products. Smile Briter with us! 

How bright do you want to get? The dentist-created Teeth Whitening Pen can get you as bright as you want to be, as fast as you want, without the use of messy trays and strips. This clinical strength teeth whitening pen will get your teeth 2 SHADES whiter in as little as 2 DAYS!

With the use of food grade hydrogen peroxide and other natural ingredients, you’ll get professional dentist office results without the expense. Our products are made from all organic, natural, responsibly sourced ingredients. They NEVER include sulfates, gluten, propylene glycol or other harmful chemicals. And we never test our products on animals.

Made in the USA

Size: 2ml

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