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Customer Reviews

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Small but works well

This eyebrow gel is very small, I am talking as small as the size of your finger. Therefore, I am a bit confused on the price point, but it is a good product. I use soft brown. I like that is keeps your brows in place! Will continue to use until I find a cheaper alternative with the same non-toxic ingredients.

Good for every day

Like mascara for your brows, thickens what you already have. I would say if you have any really sparse areas, it's not going to work miracles and fill this in (not that I really expected it to). Doesn't leave brows stiff or sticky, just a gentle hold.

Alanah M.
Perfect Brows

My mom got this product originally and I had been interested in it, but not enough to buy it. I have thicker brows and to shape them I typically use pomade (100% Pure) or a brow pencil (currently using Burt's Bees but trying to get cleaner!). Therefore, I never really thought a brown gel would do anything for me, but I was wrong! I used this after she got it and I plan on buying my own! It gives my brows that filled in look while also looking completely natural. I could use this product without even putting on any other makeup. Cannot wait to purchase my own.
Side Note: I use the 100% Pure pomade in medium brown but it is really really dark. We got this in soft brown and that actually worked well for my dark brown brows, since it is a gel I wanted it to blend more seamlessly. Medium brown seems better suited for very dark brown borderline black hair.

Green tea brow builder

This works well to fill in brows, it's cool-toned, and I noticed some thickening as well call which is great.

Emily C.E.
Brow Game!

I love this brow builder, it is the perfect color for my brows and leave them looking full. The mascara does bleed a little when applied but can easily be wiped off the skin.

Great brows!

This is a really nice brow building product. Before trying this, I’d always used pencil plus a clear mascara, so this is wonderful in that you only need one product to get color and hold. It can be a little tricky to use at first because a lot of color comes out on the brush, so be sure to grab only what you need and use a light hand. The pigment grabs onto hairs that are already there, so if you have any bare spots, you may need to fill in with a little bit of extra pencil (or you can use some of this product on an angled brow brush, which is what I do).

Love it

I adore this brow builder. I have very dark hair and a few of my eyebrows are going white. This covers up those white hairs the way nothing else has. It makes my eyebrows look fuller as well, without making them look too full and dark for my face.

Pretty Cool

So I have medium thickness of brows, so I like this and it gives color and combs them into place, I do have a spot that is kind of bald or thin, but I still use my ecobrow to fill in that spot for this does not do the trick in that area.

Briana F.
I like it!!

It helps speed up my time on my brows. The pigmentation is definitely there and I can feel that it helps keep the hairs in place.


This works perfectly to fill in brows that look "normal". Love!