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No good stuff should go to waste. At UpCircle, our organic skincare gives unloved natural ingredients a new lease of life. UpCircle Beauty is upcycling, the process of making something better from things that already exist, by transforming ingredients that would otherwise be discarded into natural, organic beauty products. Better for you, better for the world.
UpCircle Eye Cream
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UpCircle Coffee Face Scrub Citrus Blend
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Upcircle Reviews

Night Cream

Laura - "Such a creamy, indulgent texture that makes my skin feel like silk. Just love it - the scent, the experience, the result! Another firm favorite added to my UpCircle collection."
Lynda - "Less puffy, fewer lines around my eyes. I have noticed a difference after using this for 3 weeks. My eyes are less puffy and my lines appear reduced. I love UpCircle!"
Kate - "Perfect UpCircle night cream. Gorgeously thick and delicately scented like vanilla custard, it sinks in beautifully and leaves my face hydrated. I use a couple of drops of serum over the top."

Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil

Karay - "Liking This UpCircle Serum so far! Smells great, and absorbs great! Will continue to use to hopefully see some nice results."
Annette - "I love this UpCircle oil! I received a sample of this oil and purchased a full sized bottle with my next order. Just a couple of drops is all it takes to moisturize my face neck and chest. It sinks in quickly and my skin looks and feels great the next morning."
Alanah - "Amazing Scent. I got a sample of this UpCircle item with one of my Safe & Chic orders (love the surprise samples, they've always been different!) and finally got around to using it. I have combination/oily skin so I only use oils at night. A little goes a LONG way. I used 4 drops but probably 2 would have sufficed. I watched UpCircle's video on the serum and they stated it does not smell like coffee but I found it to smell a little like coffee grounds and lightly floral. It smells amazing, and it was very hydrating. I think the next morning my skin looked brighter and I did not wake up a greasy mess. Overall, this is a great price point for the product and I can't wait to purchase the full size in the future."

Cleansing Face Balm

Heather - "I really like this UpCircle cleansing balm, it has a little scrub to it, just a tiny amount. It smells really good, not too overpowering. I love the glass jar makes it feel luxe, especially for the awesome price. I’ve already purchased 3 jars and will continue to purchase."
Sonia - "Perfect to remove makeup. Awesome smell. This UpCircle balm leaves my skin super smooth."
Becky - "I love this UpCircle product - I received it as a gift initially and have kept going back for more! The apricot cleanser is my favorite- it smells beautiful and makes my skin glow! Can't wait to try the new products!"

Coffee Face Scrub Citrus Blend

Susan - "Amazing!! This by far is the best face scrub I have ever used … it makes your skin feel baby soft after wearing a mask all day … please don’t ever get rid of this …I could not live without it…. UpCircle face scrub is amazing!!!!"
Belinda - "Leaves skin feeling fabulously soft. I love this Up Circle face scrub. It’s very fine so feels nice to use but the best thing is my face feels so soft afterwards. A little also goes such a long way so very economical. Would highly recommend it."
Maureen - "My favorite facial scrub. Love, Love this UpCircle facial scrub!! Your skin feels so soft and amazing after using it. Highly recommend."

Eye Cream

Michelle - "I love this eye cream! UpCircle Eye Cream is the first one I have found that does what it claims without irritating my sensitive skin. And it smells like coffee! What could be better."
Rosemary - "I love this UpCircle eye cream. It's like nothing else I've ever tried before. Will certainly continue to order it as my supply gets low!"
Mary - "Soothing & hydrating. I've bought several UpCircle eye creams. It beautifully melts in the skin, hydrates the eye area, and freshens with caffeine. I love the eye roller too. The cooling metal soothes the eye area and can help depuff and decongests lymphatics."

Face Moisturizer

Nano - "This UpCircle item is very moisturizing and soothing while not being too overhydrating for my oily skin. It seems to absorb quickly and doesn't make my skin seem oily. The smell is interesting, but it dissipates extremely quickly. I also love the packaging."
Susan - "Absolutely love this UpCircle moisturizer. Easy to apply, readily absorbed. Leaves skin feeling so soft. Smells great too."
Rachel - "Feels really lovely when you put it on. Not greasy or heavy at all but my skin feels great with no dry patches. Will be buying this UpCircle moisturizer again!"

Hand + Body Lotion

Hannah - "Perfect UpCircle hand lotion smells so good and perfect to keep by my desk!!"
Miss P - "Light, refreshing and gorgeous scent! This is a gorgeous UpCircle product. I apply at night as the smell is delightful."
Ruth - "Such a great UpCircle moisturizer! Not greasy at all, beautifully absorbent and the scent is natural and easy on the nose. Great for hands and face and the whole of the rest of me."

Hand Cream with Hibiscus Flowers

Zoe - "Such a gorgeous smell and texture. This UpCircle cream has done wonders for me in the cold weather."
Joanne - "Love the texture and smell and it absorbs into my skin so well and makes my skin super soft, non-greasy hand cream here!! As with all Upcircle products, it is amazing. Another triumph, well-done team Upcircle!!😍
Sarah - "I love it!! It's the right balance of deeply moisturizing without taking forever to sink in or feeling super greasy in the meantime. The UpCircle scent is amazing, very uplifting."