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F.E.T.E Eco Friendly Bamboo Cotton Swabs SALE
F.E.T.E Eco Friendly Bamboo Cotton Swabs SALE

F.E.T.E Eco Friendly Bamboo Cotton Swabs SALE

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These cotton swabs are 100% biodegradable. Before these, you only had the choice of chemically grown cotton swabs with plastic handles. Though they’re small, they still posed a problem to the environment due to their inability to break down and decompose. Now there is a solution and an eco-friendly option for ear hygiene.

They come in plastic-free and biodegradable wrapping.

The stick part of these cotton swabs is made of Moso bamboo. The tips are made of natural cotton and grown without using chemicals.

100% biodegradable
100% compostable

QTY: 100 swabs

Final Sale - Non Returnable

How to Use

Usage: Single use for ears or make-up removal, etc. and safe for the environment after disposal.

Well, we are just a couple of simple people. We live in England. We have young children and we love helping people. When I was young – in the 1980’s – I recall how I could trail through the untouched woods behind my house and scoop a handful of water from a nearby stream and drink without any concern of pollution. Today, I would think twice before doing so – which is sad.

We wanted to do something about this and this is how “f.e.t.e.” evolved.

We pronounce it “fate” but the acronym “f.e.t.e.” stands for: “from earth to earth.” It is our aim to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage others to consider ways to help safeguard and protect it by changing our consuming and manufacturing habits. Thus “f.e.t.e.” is all about utilizing natural resources that come as direct FROM the EARTH as possible (and used for products we feel we could not do without) and which can then – after it’s usefulness has ceased – return TO the EARTH as part of the natural and ecological order of things.

Where do we start?

It occurred to us that almost every single person on Earth uses a toothbrush every day and these end up in landfills. There are DECADES of brushes that have been made from plastics and some also contain electronics. In fact, every year more than 50 MILLION pounds of toothbrushes are disposed of into landfills in the United States alone.  See the picture to the right?  We created that! I don’t know about you but we feel it is part of our moral obligation to do whatever we can to help reduce the wastage, most of which has serious toxic repercussions on the environment and our own health.

Now consider the image just below… we think most people would prefer an environment like this – a landscape of beauty and full of life.  We can and ARE making an impact. We just need to reach more people, faster. Will you help?




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