Humble Deodorant
Humble Deodorant
Humble Deodorant
Humble Deodorant
Humble Deodorant
Humble Deodorant
Humble Deodorant
Humble Deodorant
Humble Deodorant
Humble Deodorant
Humble Deodorant
Humble Deodorant

Humble Deodorant

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Bergamot + Ginger
Patchouli & Copal
Mountain Lavender
Palo Santo & Frankincense
Lavender & Holy Basil
Simply Unscented
Forbidden Tonka Bean
Moroccan Rose
Geranium & Vetiver
Black Spruce
Sweet Orange & Cinnamon
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Humble Deodorant contains four to five organic and all-natural ingredients that you can pronounce (and might, in fact, have in your own kitchen). This Deodorant is both effective and safe, containing no aluminum or parabens while still keeping you dry and free of offensive odors. We take the care to manufacture our deodorant in small batches right here in America. Humble Deodorant has the fewest ingredients of any deodorant on the market, and is the simple solution to a stinky problem. The only one that is Vegan is the Unscented for sensitive skin aroma. 

Small Batches crafted in Taos, New Mexico,

NO: Aluminum, alcohol, dyes, parabens or artificial bactericides.

Size: 2.5oz


Bergamot + Ginger:

Introducing the newest scent in our Humble lineup! Greet the day with the warm, energizing combination of citrus and ginger.

Patchouli Copal:

This NEW blend of essential oils is a special creation by the vintage clothing line, Magnolia Pearl. Surround yourself in the warmth of this rich, earthy and grounding scent.

Essential Lavender:

Infused with essential oil, this deodorant has a light, floral scent with fresh herbal notes. You’ll love the refreshing and calming aroma of lavender all day long.

Palo Santo Frankincense + Vanilla:

Wake, apply, and balance every morning with the sensual, smoky scent of Palo Santo and Frankincense and a hint of sweet vanilla. Experience Donavon Frankenreiter’s Signature Scent.

Lavender & Holy Basil:

Infused with essential oils, this deodorant has a light, floral scent with fresh herbal notes. You’ll love the refreshing and calming aroma of lavender all day long.

Simply Unscented: Vegan Unscented for Sensitive Skin:

This NEW formula contains four simple, vegan-friendly ingredients and is baking soda-free. Equally tough on odor, this version is unscented and extremely gentle on skin.

Forbidden Tonka Bean:

While reminiscent of cinnamon, vanilla, saffron and cloves, it smells exactly like none of those things making it an alluring aroma that it is all at once subtle, captivating, delicious and mysterious.

Moroccan Rose:

Like a garden rose just after it’s been watered, this scent is fresh, warm and sweet. Both delicate and intense, it combines ripe plum notes and soft spicy undertones.

Geranium & Vetiver:
Imagine walking through a garden, surrounded by a complex smoky, earthy scent. This blend is fresh and floral and just a little bit musky, but the thing you’ll like best is that it works.

Black Spruce:

With the airy freshness of a forest just after it rains, this scent is warm, sweet and floral with a hint of sea spray and wet earth, finished off with a spicy musk.

Sweet Orange & Cinnamon - Holiday Limited Edition:

Our limited edition seasonal scent will envelop you with cozy winter nostalgia. This unique blend of five essential oils contains bottom notes of fresh cinnamon and top notes of robust citrus. It's our top choice as the perfect warm & sweet scent for this time of year. 

Apply as needed


Organic Cornstarch
Our cornstarch is derived from organic, non-GMO corn. This natural ingredient is a common kitchen staple and used for its ability to absorb moisture in food. Yet we’ve found a new use for it as cornstarch also is effective at absorbing moisture collected under our armpits. This is the ingredient that helps Humble keep you dry.

Fractionated Coconut Oil
Fractionated coconut oil contains powerful natural anti-bacterial properties which kill the bacteria that cause body odor. It is colorless and odorless, which makes it perfect for blending with essential oils allowing those scents to shines through. Naturally soothing skin, fractionated coconut oil enhances and moisturizes without clogging pores.

Organic Bees Wax
It moisturizes the skin, and provides that easy, glide-on feeling we all love in Humble.

All-natural Baking Soda
Of course, the most important part of a deodorant should be a deodorizer. Baking soda helps combat the smelly scents our body emits, and neutralizes the odors we create…and all without subjecting your skin to harmful and unpleasant chemicals!  Our baking soda is harvested from nature instead of being chemically produced so you know you are getting the best nature has to offer.

Organic Essential Oil
Found in our scented varieties, essential oils provide calming and aromatic essences to Humble. Additionally, oils like lavender, cedarwood and palo santo are said to contain natural soothing and healing properties, beneficial for our minds and bodies.

* Vegan/Baking Soda-Free Formula*

Our Vegan Unscented for Sensitive Skin contains four simple, vegan-friendly ingredients. In addition to Fractionated Coconut Oil and Organic Cornstarch we’ve added:

Organic Candelilla Wax 
Plant-based, vegan-friendly and nutrient-rich Candelilla Wax replaces bees wax in this formula to moisturize the skin and provide an easy and smooth application.

Magnesium Hydroxide 
We’ve replaced baking soda with magnesium hydroxide, a naturally occurring mineral with a gentle pH that minimizes potential skin irritation. Utilizing magnesium effectively neutralizes odor and optimizes magnesium delivery to the body.

Black Spruce

Less is truly more with Humble. Our Original Formula starts with 4 clean, high-quality and sustainably sourced ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, non-GMO corn starch, beeswax and baking soda. For our scented products, we add high-quality essential oils for a variety of unique, irresistible scents. And the best part is, IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

Essential Oil Profile: Black Spruce, Labdanum and Jasmine

Sweet Orange & Cinnamon:

Essential Oil Profile: Orange, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Rock Rose & Balsam Peru 


Deodorant has become such an intrinsic part of our daily routine, yet most people have no idea that by using it, they are introducing harmful, potent chemicals directly into their bodies’ every day. After discovering that some of the most common ingredients in regular antiperspirants and deodorants have a potential link to breast cancer, lymph node cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and kidney disease, I decided it was time for a change. I started by trying the all-natural products already on the market, but was left sweaty and smelling strongly of unnatural perfume. I took matters into my own hands and after many months and over 30 formulation attempts, Humble Brands deodorant was born!


Unlike other all-natural deodorants, Humble leaves you dry and smelling fresh but incorporates only 4 to 5 simple ingredients that are natural, organic and harmless to our skin and bodies. In addition, we are busy formulating in our test kitchen and will soon be launching new products with the same philosophy of using simple, all-natural ingredients in place of those laden with nasty and potentially harmful chemicals.


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