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UMA Oils

UMA Oils

UMA Oils has a vision to redefine luxury in face and wellness oils.The unique line of UMA Oils  products was created especially to bring rich heritage, pristine ingredients, and centuries of knowledge to you in an intimate form.

UMA Oils Ultimate Brightening Face Oil
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Uma Oils Deeply Clarifying Face Oil
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Uma Oils Absolute Anti Aging Eye Oil
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UMA Oils Ultimate Brightening Rose Toner
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Uma Oils Deeply Clarifying Face Mask
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Uma Oils Absolute Anti Aging Face Mask
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Uma Oils Absolute Anti Aging Body Oil
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Uma Oils Wellness Oil Trial Kit
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Uma Oils Reviews

Absolute Anti Aging Face Oil

Tamara - "I was so worried my face would be oily all day but it is not! It just feels soft and younger."
Jacki - "UMA OILS is amazing, my go to golden oil. Smells amazing and my skin is looking better"
Athena - "I am always skeptical of new products, especially beauty aids but this product really works. I could actually tell a difference with the first use. My face feels so much more hydrated, smooth, and soft. I don’t usually buyexpensive beauty products but the Uma Oils product is worth it. It really does make a big and noticeable difference. It really works."

Absolute anti Aging Body Oil

Inayah - "I have been using Uma Oils on my body for the last three years. It is amazing . I rub this on my skin at night after my shower and when I wake my skin feels great."
Kim - "For the past 3 months I have been using this UMA Oils product over my scar and on my décolletage as well. I have seen noticeable improvements in both my scar and my décolletage. This product smells lovely and is not greasy. It absorbs into your skin quickly and does not interfere with my perfume. Yes, it's expensive, but it's worth it."
Denise - "I love Uma Oils. It’s not too greasy, absorbs well on damp skin. The scent is lovely. I don’t find it overpowering at all."

Absolute Anti Aging Eye Oil

Alicia - "This Eye Oil is Devine! It instantly hydrates and plumps my tender over and under eye skin making it look instantly younger! It naturally highlights as well. I’m hooked on Uma Oils."
Christina - "I wanted to test this out first. But I will buy the larger size. Thumbs up to Uma Oils. I’ve been using it nightly for over a week and I love how my eyes feel in the morning. It smells nice (not to strong) too."
Tamara - "I really love this eye area oil. It has all the quality and richness I was looking for to help with dryness and my delicate skin around my lids and corners of the eyes. It’s an investment price wise but well worth it because you only need 1-2 drops and the bottle size it will last a long time. I am very happy with this purchase."

Ultimate Brightening Face Oil

Erica - "I have tried several oils from Uma Oils- If I had to splurge on one facial oil, it would be this one! I used it as a base under my daily make-up routine and got compliments all day! Everyone said I was glowing and looked so healthy. I loved the way my skin felt and the size of the bottle meant it lasted a long time! LOVE!"
Jean - "Wow, this Uma Oils stuff really works. I just started using this oil and I saw an immediate difference the morning after my first application. I love how bright and glowing my skin looks - not to mention how soft my face feels...couldn't stop touching my face all day, it was amazing how soft my skin felt!"
Kate - "I was hesitant to give face oils a try but took the plunge with Uma oils, and I'm so glad I did. The Ultimate Brightening face oil is fantastic. It makes my skin feel soft and look glowing and healthy. I will happily buy more when I run out."

Deeply Clarifying Face Oil

Janice - "Uma Oils for the face are amazing...PERFECT for lazy/busy girls like me who can't be bothered with a 10-step skincare regimen but still want great skin!! Currently in love with this Face Oil - I always apply this at night after cleansing and toning, and my skin is baby-soft in the morning."
Natalie - "I've battled with adult acne for years - and am so glad to have finally found a solution that works!!! and without making me look like a dried prune because of dehydrating chemicals (yuck). I was dreading trying these but was forced to by a friend who gave me a sample bottle. That slightly tingly feeling and that amazing fresh smell - I had just a great feeling about it in my heart when I first used it. And Uma Oils sure deliver - my skin seems balanced - and no more redness, blemishes, and the best thing - IT'S FADING MY SCARS. I can't say enough nice things about this oil."
Kate - "This oil does an excellent job of helping me keep my acne under control. I use it after I wash my face in the morning and have not needed to use any additional acne control products since I began using it."

Wellness Oil Trial Kit

BJ - "I have used 3 of the Uma Oils so far & they work! I tried the pure rest first and it definitely helped me sleep better - the pure calm immediately relaxed me and pure energy delivered as well. I am looking forward to future purchases of regular sizes."
Kasia - "This Uma Oils Trial Kit is perfect! If you’re unsure which Wellness oil you’d like then this is the solution. You can try them all! And they are all just beautiful!!"
Raghavendra - "Just like tother Uma Oils trial kits, this allows you to experience each wonderful scent before investing in the ones you like. I found that each scent had a different impact in my mind- I certainly felt calm with the Pure Calm, same with the Pure Rest; felt 'at-home' with the Pure Bliss, and just blissed out to the max with Gorgeous for Good!"

Absolute Anti Aging Lip Oil

Raghavenda - "This Uma Oils lip treatment is perfection! I love the packaging- the tiny bud makes it SO easy and luxurious to apply; leaves a gorgeous, hydrated, and plump glow to the lips; perks up the circulation to bring a little of its natural redness from the peppermint; smells bright and fresh; and the lips stay moisturized for quite some time! I do not want to be without this!"
Linda - "I was told my lips were dry, and really don’t want the resulting big lip creases. I thought this Uma Oils product would be a good preventative measure better than using nothing at all. Given the ingredients I think it must be doing a good job."
Theresa - "This Uma Oils lip oil is truly decadent! The luxurious ingredients do an incredible job drenching my lips in natural nourishing delightfulness. I love to apply before bed & wake in the morning to beautifully pampered lips."

Ultimate Brightening Rose Toner

Sheryl - "Is there anything Uma Oils doesn’t do well? Another great product. My skin feels so supple and hydrated using this mist and my face definitely feels firmer. I’m in my 50s and feel like I’ve got the best skin of my life since using Uma products. Highly recommended."
Kasia - "This Rose Toner is amazing. It’s smell wonderfully and I really have noticed that my face skin is getting brighter.Love Uma Oils"
Megan - "I really can’t decide which toner is my favorite. My skin feels hydrated, clean, so soft and, again, whether it’s the colder months where my skin can be a bit drier or the warmer months where you don’t need much hydration - it’s like it adapts perfectly to your skin needs at that time. Love love loveeeee Uma Oils!"