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Solara Suncare

Solara Suncare

Solara Suncare is a new category of protective skincare that combines natural SPF with clean skincare science. Solara Suncare provides skin nourishing, healing and hydrating effects long after application. Vegan, reef safe, cruelty free. 

Solara Suncare Reviews

Clean Freak Sunscreen - Unscented SPF30

Ana - "Clean freak sunscreen by Solara Suncare is a nice texture and is easy to apply."
Kathy - "I have very sensitive skin and I have used several different sunscreens and somehow, I always manage to get a burn regardless of how much I use. My sister had this Solara Suncare product and let me use it. I did not get a burn with Clean Freak! Whoo hoo! I got a nice tan to go along with the protection including on my face. I didn’t feel gross and slimy after a few hours and it was like using a good lotion. I will buy this again and again"
Ashley - "Love this Solara Suncare sunscreen. Feels good and gives a good glow."

Glow Getter Sunscreen - Naturally Scented SPF30

Casey - "Great sunscreen! I haven’t gotten burnt yet wearing this Solara Suncare sunscreen, even in Hawaii!"
Janna - "Obsessed. Been using this Solara Suncare product for a few weeks and I love it. The shimmer makes my skin look so healthy and it feels so good after a day in the sun. My new HG."
Stacy - "Shimmer and shine! This Solara Suncare rubs in well and leaves my skin feeling well moisturized. Love the shimmer it gives me when I’m in the sunlight most - it’s like an accessory in itself! And it smells great (even my hubby says it smells great!)"

Time Traveler Face Sunscreen - Unscented SP30

Jillian - "Excellent spf. Excellent Solara Suncare product, really enjoying!"
Svendor - "Super glowy, does not clog my pores and most importantly protects my fair skin!! Will repurchase this Solara Suncare sunscreen."
Mario - "My New Go-To Face Sunscreen. I'm obsessed with Time Traveler. It's Clean, simple, protective, and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and fresh. For a mineral SPF it is light and applies easily. I read about it online, and I'm happy I found this Solara Suncare sunscreen. You will love it."

Pout Protector Lip Serum SPF 15

Stacy - "A smooch for this Solara Suncare Pout Protector! Goes on with a bit of a white zinc look but blends easily and leaves lips glossy and conditioned! Don’t need lipstick!"
StacyLynn - " A good reminder to protect your lips. Bought this Solara Suncare product alongside my Glow Getter because I often forget to protect my lips when in the sun. Threw it in my sunscreen bag and now it serves as a good reminder to protect my lips. Goes on a little white but blends quick and leaves a glisten!"
Marianna - "I'm in love with this Solara Suncare lip serum! And OMG, can we talk how amazing it smells??? It's like yumminess in a bottle! Just love how it protects my lips and it's not sticky/messy. It is just what you need to protect your lips! Please try it! You won't regret and your lips will thank you!"

Guardian Angel Super Sunscreen Milk, SPF50

Karsha - "I am soooo in love with Solara Suncare Guardian Angel! The milky texture just melts into your skin. Makes your foundation go on smoothly. No stickiness or heaviness. My new fav!"
Lisa - "This Solara Suncare product is so good!! My skin looks amazing. This is all I use for my best skin days."
Tyler - "Without a doubt, Solara Suncare is the best sunscreen I’ve ever tried! My skin feels so nourished & the finish is silky smooth. Also wears well under makeup & doesn’t pill in my experience."

Fortune Teller Brightening Sunscreen Serum

Allison - "Trust me when I say I've tried a lot of high-end mineral-based sunscreens, and most of the time the claims don't match the actual results. Fortune Teller is amazing in that it goes on very smoothly and leaves no white cast at all. My skin doesn't feel greasy or oily and I'm happy to know it has safe ingredients that are good for my skin. The best sunscreen is one that I'll actually use and wear! Thank you Solara Suncare!"
Melissa - "This is the product I have needed all my life. Solara Suncare Fortune Teller provides clean, lightweight and even protection, along with hydration. I love that I can wear it under my favorite tinted face oil because it does not contain silicone. It makes for such an easy morning routine, and really does protect and perfect skin!"
Tyler - "This Solara suncare product wears well under makeup & the ingredients are chefs kiss. This is everything I’ve ever wanted in a sunscreen."