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Routine Deodorant

Routine Deodorant

Routine Deodorant cream for every body type and scent preference, including vegan, sensitive skin (baking soda free), and activated charcoal. Routine Deodorant Cream believes armpits are lovely and deserve the best, just like every other inch of our flesh covered selves. Routine Deodorant also offers natural aromatic body oils and perfume balms. Their Hair Care line offers Shampoos and Conditioners for all hair types and textures.


Routine Deodorant Natural Cream Deodorant - Moon Sisters
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Routine Deodorant Greatest Hits Mini Kit
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Routine Deodorant the Curator Shampoo
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Routine Deodorant Reviews

Natural Cream Deodorant

Jessie - "I love these products— really like the sexy Sadie and cat lady scents, and bought more to try. I feel into my 40s my hormones are changing, and with working out I can get pretty stinky! These Routine Deodorant products completely mask any odor and feel good on my skin. Since they are natural I let my two girls use it as well- they love smelling good, the older one probably needing some deodorant soon anyways!"
Erin - "Great Stuff!! The selection is amazing!! I got several items of Routine Deodorant and I love them all!! Some more than others and I for sure have a favorite, but this site and the variety it offers is AMAZING!!! Will shop here a lot!!!"
Hannah - "Hot Yoga approved 👌🏼 I have tried allllll the natural deodorants and this is the ONLY ONE I don’t have to apply multiple times per day—this Routine Deodorant even stands up to the sweat and stink of a hot yoga class. I am blown away. It’s seriously amazing. I tried the Blackberry Betty and it’s a nice scent. No irritation! Can’t wait to try another scent. Thank you for creating this deodorant!"

Natural Cream Deodorant (Baking Soda Free)

Jean - "Awesome Routine Deodorant. I never thought I would buy a cream deodorant but I decided to give this a try when I received a sample with my Safe Chic purchase. I tried it and loved it and bought it the next day. Give it a try it keeps odor away!"
Susan - "Prevention is priceless!! I have tried 5 or 6 aluminum free deodorants, but this Routine Deodorant is the first baking soda free as well and I have had great results!!! I never ever stink while using this and I generally have 16 hours of steady activity. I smell lovely all day and night☺ Added bonus...using this makes me feel like I'm getting smarter!!😉"
Dana - "This stuff is amazing. I was a devout Schmidt’s deodorant user until I started breaking out into a crazy rash. Turns out I was having issues with the baking soda in it. This Routine Deodorant smells fantastic (way better than what I was using) and has a much better consistency, super smooth and not gritty at all. It lasts all day for me and I get pretty hot and sweaty at work. For me, it’s totally worth the price to know I’m using a clean product that also works AND it smells amazing. It’s hard to check all those boxes 😉"

Natural Soap Bar - The Curator

Cindy - "Excellent! I am so impressed with this Routine Deodorant soap. This is my favorite scent in this whole brand. The formula is hydrating and softens my skin."
Sarah - "Highly recommended! This is our favorite Routine Deodorant hand soap to use. After washing the essential oils set the whole washroom to smelling great!"
Ainsley - "Looooooove Routine Deodorant. I was a fan of the Curator deodorant and thought I'd give the soap a go. Smells fantastic. Moisturizing. Love it."

Sexy Sadie Botanic Perfume Balm

Priya - "So so pretty! I really love this, it is a lovely scent. Not too strong, and I love the balm texture versus a spray. Keep in a cool dark spot for sure! Just a pretty floral scent. I keep finding my teenage daughter coming in to get a little dab for herself."

The Class Nourishing Shampoo

Tanya - "Highly recommend Routine Deodorant products! How it leaves my scalp very clean like a great detox for my hair and scalp love it :)"
Marguerite - "Feels Clean and Smells Great. It takes some getting used to because of how "clean" the ingredients are. I appreciate the purity of this Routine Deodorant shampoo for sure."
Cory - "Smells great, lathers well considering it’s not full of crap! Works well with my hair, and my super-hard water. Highly recommend this Routine Deodorant shampoo."

Cat Lady Softening Shampoo

David - "Routine Deodorant changed everything. I tried all of the Routine shampoos and, while I really liked them all, this is the one that helped my sensitive scalp the most. Really gentle and well balanced, my hair feels clean but not stripped of its natural oils."
Megan - "I am so fancy. I immediately ordered the Routine Deodorant conditioner! My hair is now like spun sunshine."
Krista - "This one is my favorite routine deodorant shampoo! I have really dry hair and it has the perfect amount of lather and moisture. You have to try the matching conditioner with it. It is literally the perfect combination!!"

Greatest Hits Mini Kit

Lisa - "great Routine Deodorant set to get your feet wet. I found out that I like the cat one the best and he likes the superstar they work great and now we know our scents."

Sexy Sadie Hydrating Shampoo

Alexia - "Smells amazing, hair feels great. Leaves my hair feeling silky soft! Doesn't weigh down my hair like salon-brand shampoos that make my scalp itchy and dry afterward. This Routine Deodorant Sexy Sadie shampoo smells amazing! I can't wait to try the other scents next!"
Jess - "Highly recommended! A natural shampoo that WORKS and smells amazing! 10/10 will purchase Routine Deodorant Shampoo again."
Colleen - "Highly recommended! My hair keeps that delightful Routine Deodorant shampoo scent long after my hot shower is only an early morning memory."