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Rituel de Fille

Rituel de Fille

Rituel de Fille is a new vision for natural beauty.  The magical side of natural ingredients have inspired Rituel de Fille. Pigment is elemental, ceremonial and powerful for color. Rituel de Fille creates stunning shades of bold lasting colors for the eyes, lips and face. Wear Rituel de Fille colors on every part of the face.  Apply with your fingertips or favorite brushes. You can easily build up or shear out Rituel de Fille to merge beautifully with your skin. 

Rituel de Fille Reviews

Ash and Ember Eye Soot

Amy - "Amazing Rituel de Fille eye shadow. Beautiful color, not your typical eyeshadow. Packaging is stunning and application easy and lasts all day. love..."
Angie - "Have 8 of these now. Love Rituel de Fille! These apply better with a small dense brush. Finger application will not work well. I have oily eyelids and these stay on all day with no creasing. Expensive, but worth it."
Andrea - "love the texture and application of this Rituel de Fille eyeshadow. I bought two of these and I love the way they go on. I use a stiff brush. You can't really use a finger, the jar is too small. I would suggest putting the product in a more user-friendly container. Maybe a small compact? The colors are really lovely and spread easily. They have a nice shimmer, but not overpowering or glittery. I don't have oily eyelids so they last until removed. Cost is pretty expensive but you don't need much, so if the lid is kept tight they should last. They go on sheer. Going to get 2 more."

Forbidden Lipstick

Sophie - "Perfect Alt colors with a natural formula. Rituel de Fille is Hydrating! Okay to start off, the reason I bought this lipstick was for the color and ingredients. I love that it's dye-free and made with safe ingredients. Second, the color. I love cool tones and the greige is so pretty but still wearable on a day-to-day basis (gotta slip in the casual gothic look). It's neat to find a brand making natural makeup in alternative colors. And the formula... so smooth, non-drying, wearable, and lasts quite a while. Smells like light lavender."
Brianna - "Rituel de Fille as good staying power. These lipsticks are highly pigmented. I'd recommend emailing Ritual de Fille for their color recommendations based on skin tone. I purchased a shade that was beautiful, but not the most flattering for day-to-day wear."
Theresa - "The perfect business lipstick. I adore it as a bold neutral shade. There's a reason it's one of Rituel de Fille's staple shades."

Inner Glow Creme Blush

Gardenia - "Excellent. Loving this Rituel de Fille product for its ease of application, color shade, and lasting power, don't contour that much, but this makes it so easy, and being true ash blonde, silver, cooler tone works best, intuition is a sublime color for me, brings out blue eyes, Safe and Chic provided excellent customer service, fast shipping, great company."
Reb - "I purchased the shade Eros to try as a contour. I was really leaning towards Intuition but I was scared it would be too grey. Eros is more of a bronzer or browny blush shade for lighter skin tones. It’s pretty. The formula is firm and not greasy and blends easily with fingers or a brush for a sheer application. Now that I know what it’s like I will purchase more Rituel de Fille shades"
Hannah - " It can definitely be built up intensity-wise, either a soft daytime blush or dramatic nighttime one. I've had difficulty finding the right blush, and true pinks look too "done" on me. This Rituel de Fille is the absolute best rush of blood to the cheeks color for my very fair skin and I'm hooked for life. Please never discontinue this shade!"

Rare Light Creme Luminizer

Stevie - "Unicorn highlighter! This Rituel de Fille creme has a beautiful subtle holographic look. I feel like a majestic unicorn!"
Sam - "love Rituel de Fille ghost light. I have been really enjoying this highlight. It looks silver until you rub your finger on it and then you can see the subtle pinky/blue tone come out. It looks beautiful on the skin."
Phosphene - "This is my second time purchasing this luminizer. It is my favorite eye base, lid color, cheek highlighter, brow bone highlighter, basically everything. The formula blends perfectly with a brush or fingertip and has never caused a breakout. I love this Rituel de Fille product!"

Metamorphic Highlighter

Jenna - "Beautiful orange! This Rituel de Fille color is subtle but it’s buildable. When you move your head, you can see the beautiful shift! When you place it on the inner corner of your eyes, they look like gems I have Chimera, Enchantress, High Priestess, & Dream so far and the colors complement each other well too!"
Deborah - "Golden glow. This Rituel de Fille is a beautiful, warm, peachy-gold highlighter. Very sparkly, so be aware you'll have a bit of a disco-ball effect, in a good way! The formula is creamy and easy to use, and long-lasting on the skin."
Anna - "WOW. Truly beautiful all over the face and eyes, this Rituel de Fille color is even more stunning in person--the pictures don't do it justice. I wasn't sure how this would look on my pale/neutral skin, but the glow it gives me is truly next level (and it's perfect to use going into the summer months!)."

The Ethereal Veil Conceal & Cover

Jordan - "Good coverage. I’m really enjoying this Rituel de Fille concealer. It looks very natural. I warm it up with my finger and then apply it under my eyes. I use a small, pointy brush to spot conceal."
Lori - "I'm such a Rituel de Fille fan for blushes so I thought I would try this in Nix as I'm quite fair but it was way too white for me. I keep it for mixing with lip colors should I need but I decided to get Galatea and it's a perfect match. I prefer Hynt for undereye as it is just the right lightness for that area but too light for blemish or dark spot concealing where this product excels at concealing."
Taylor - "2nd time purchase. I love this Rituel de Fille product, I just bought my second compact. This foundation/concealer looks like natural skin, it's also more cost effective compared to other foundations I've used because it truly lasts a while."

The Black orb enigmatic Kohl Eyeliner

Rachel - "Rich red iron Rituel de Fille shade. I love the Black Orb Eyeliner in Black, and am now in Iron too! It’s so different. It’s such a lovely representation of the color. It really makes my hazel eyes pop. As a wearer of glasses that can make my eyes look smaller, I love something simple that can make them stand out more. Iron does that."
ND - "Wish I got a backup. A friend gifted me some of the Rituel de Fille products from the recent red collection. It is difficult to find good red eyeliner. This is a very flattering red shade that makes my eyes look incredibly blue. It can transfer a bit. I recommend setting with a transparent powder."
Sarah - "A unique color for a liner, flattering, easy to work with. I use the Black Orb in Abyss fairly regularly, and I find that the Rituel de Fille formula is fairly consistent—that is, the top layer is a bit dry, but once you are through that, it is easy to create clean lines. It’s also fairly easy to avoid over-applying, which can cause transfer if you have hooded lids like me."

Thorn Pulp Crunchy Jelly Oil Cleansing Balm

Melody - "Heavenly! This removed all of my makeup so well. Didn’t have to rub my face to get my face clean. The scent is luxurious and my skin felt so smooth afterward. I have very dry skin, so the added moisture was a bonus! I will definitely buy this again. There haven’t been any products from Rituel De Fille that I haven’t loved! I highly recommend this."
Stephanie - "Amazing product. This Rituel de Fille cleanser is the perfect blend of makeup remover and sensitive skincare products. It’s incredibly effective and lifts makeup off with no need for additional products or hard scrubbing, just gently massage it over your face and eyes. It leaves the skin insanely soft and doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. I purchased a lab sample and will gladly buy it again if available."
Alex - "Forbidden Jello, I really love this stuff. I purchased it when the Rituel de Fille released the lab sample, which I think was at least a year ago maybe even a year and a half. They released it again Just in time too because I was scraping at the bottom of my original jar. It lasts a long time without getting gross or stale smelling/feeling (I maybe use it 1 - 2 times a week as I don't wear makeup on work days anymore) and it gets all my transfer-proof and waterproof makeup off. Doesn't clog my acne-prone pores. And smells so alluring."