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Leonor Greyl

Leonor Greyl

Leonor Greyl is rooted in nature and luxury, Leonor Greyl is passionate about treating all types of hair and scalp conditions with the best natural hair care products. Always environmentally friendly and free of silicone, parabens and SLS/SLES. 
Leonor Greyl Creme De Soin À L'amarante On Sale
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Leonor Greyl Masque Fleurs De Jasmin On Sale
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Leonor Greyl Masque À L'Orchidee On Sale
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Leonor Greyl Lait Luminescence  BI Phase On Sale
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Leonor Greyl Reviews

Bain Restructurant A La Banane

Lilly - "I love this Leonor Greyl shampoo! It is very hydrating and the smell is amazing. Bottle could be a bit bigger, but I will definitely repurchase it!!"
LC - "Finally got this Leonor Greyl Banane Shampoo. It is EVERYTHING I thought it’d be!! Wish it came with a BANANE Conditioner." 😉
Laura - "I absolutely love this shampoo, it cleanses my hair so well without drying, it’s very moisturizing. I also love the banana smell and I look forward to washing my hair! My hair has never been healthier or looked better since using Leonor Greyl products. Nothing compares to the quality and luxury."

Huile De Magnolia

Lilly - "Beautiful multi-usage Leonor Greyl oil! Luxurious, deeply nourishing. The scent is intoxicating!"
Monica - "This Leonor Greyl oil keeps my skin hydrated and glowing. I like to mix it with olive oil for extra moisture right after the shower or bath."
Julie - "This Leonor Greyl oil is a dream for dry skin and hair, and the smell is amazing. Even though it’s not meant for hair, smoothing a few drops through my ends tames frizz for the whole day. Will keep repurchasing!"

L'Huile de Leonor Greyl

ELIZHWALKER88 - "Truly the best Leonor Greyl oil on the market. My hair feels soft and silky. It saves my dry ends which can happen in the colder winter months. Worth every penny."
Sandra - "Very good product! I had my hair so damaged after a Brazilian keratin, so I started using this Leonor Greyl oil and I feel the change. My hair looks better and I love the smell."
Marluan - "Remarkable product, I am a consistent weekly user of this Leonor Greyl treatment oil. My hair with stands the change of water in my travels and exposure to the sun. The smell, and the luxurious silky feel of my strands are remarkable! I will never let this out of my routine."

Shampooing Au Miel

Bobbi - "Shampooing Au Miel is a true delight for my hair when it needs an extra dose of TLC from Leonor Greyl!"
Natalie - "I think that this is the best Leonor Greyl shampoo out there! It makes my hair super soft and shiny, and the smell of it is amazing. I feel pampered when I use it, it is my “mini vacation”.
Melissa - "This is my favorite shampoo for very fine hair. When you need a daily hair and scalp cleanse that does not saponify too much or too little, and really volumizes your hair (a smells luxurious too) this Leonor Greyl is it."

Shampooing Creme Moelle de Bambou

Kristi - "This Leonor Greyl shampoo has really helped the sensitivity on the crown of my head. I color my hair and it also has helped with keeping the color longer. Hair isn’t oily afterwards either. It took a couple washes to get used to no suds but after seeing how my scalp feel less tender and happy shiny hair I realized you don’t need super suds for clean hair."
Joy - "This Leonor Greyl shampoo keeps my colored treated red hair almost perfect for at least 5 weeks. If you have red hair you know how difficult it is to maintain the color. This shampoo does not strip the color and it leaves my hair shiny bouncy and easier to manage."
Lyla - "Love this shampoo! Makes my hair super soft, manageable, full of shine and no frizz. Before I use the shampoo I use Leonor Greyl l’huile once a week mixed with masque fleurs de Jasmin. My power products for healthy hair."

Lait Luminescence BI-Phase

Georgina - "This Leonor Greyl shampoo smells wonderful! And leaves my hair feeling soft and full."
Alexandra - "Excellent. If you want to have soft and bouncy hair this Leonor Greyl product does it. I have curly hair and when I blow them out it is hard to do. With this product, life is easier. I recommend it to all. Makes hair full of life."
Gail -"Totally love this Leonor Greyl product! I have waist-length very thick and coarse hair which is difficult to comb out after shampooing, even when conditioned. The spray makes the comb glide through. I will never be without it."

Masque A L'Orchidee

Laura - "I have extremely thick curly hair and I cannot live without this product! A sample was given to me at La Bon Marche in Paris and ever since nothing else compares. The masque keeps my hair looking so healthy even when I use heat styling and it has never looked shinier or as smooth. Leonor Greyl is amazing and worth every cent."
Linda - "I use this Leonor Greyl on dry hair for deep conditioning. Truly amazing! Leaves my hair healthy and shiny with a lovely scent. A must-have for me."
Kiasha - "I use this Leonor Greyl conditioner mask every week! It leaves my hair soft and manageable with a sublime scent!"

Creme De Soin A L'amarante

Diana - "Leonor Greyl keeps my hair healthy & adds shine and body. In my early 60’s and have been using it for a long time and will continue to use it for all the benefits."
Jennie - "I love this conditioner so much. I have several Leonor Greyl products as well that I choose for my hair type! This conditioner is perfect… I have highlighted blonde hair that I wash daily due to working out and playing tennis outside most days. Finally, I feel like my hair looks healthy and not brassy."
Lisa - "Another great Leonor Greyl product with outstanding results. I tend to rotate this one in more during the summer months when I get more highlights. Just cannot go wrong with this line."