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Innersense Pure Travel Trio

Innersense Pure Travel Trio


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The Pure Trio Collection is 100% color safe and perfect for fine to normal hair types.


  • Pure Harmony Hairbath
  • Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner
  • Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner

Each bottle size: 2oz


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Founders Greg and Joanne Starkman have shared a lifetime together as Beauty and Wellness Professionals. 

A significant turning point occurred nearly 10 years ago when we were struck with a realization. Our professional paths were not in alignment with our values and lifestyle aspirations.  Turning inward, a new journey began and Innersense was born.

Our intention was to create a company principled in the belief that balance among work, family, friends and personal growth was paramount.  Innersense is our journey and the result our ongoing vision.

Our unwavering commitment to the integrity of our products and our company culture is a reflection of our personal values. 

We are thrilled to offer the gift of Innersense to those seeking a healthier path.

In peace and wellness,

Greg & Joanne, Innersense Founders

The Innersense Name

The name Innersense came from a wise psychologist who was counseling Greg and Joanne. As parents of a special needs child, they were worried that they wouldn’t always know what to do. So she told them, “trust your inner sense.” And they did.

As you travel through your life’s journey, remember…always trust your inner sense.



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