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Fitglow Beauty Cloud Ceramide Skincare Set - SALE
Fitglow Beauty Cloud Ceramide Skincare Set - SALE

Fitglow Beauty Cloud Ceramide Skincare Set - SALE

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$99.00 $125.00

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Limited Exclusive Edition Skincare Kit retail value $125!

A Ceramide-rich kit curated with soothing plant extracts that restore balance and elevate your face and body to cloud softness. This 3-piece Fitglow Beauty Cloud Ceramide Skincare set includes Fitglow Beauty’s full size Cloud Ceramide Balm, full size Cloud Ceramide Body Cream and a sample of the Cloud Collagen Oil. The powerhouse combination of these Fitglow Beauty Cloud Ceramid Skincare Set skin-nourishing products help restore skin's essential lipids, replenish moisture barrier and increase collagen production. Plus, now you can treat your body to the same level of care as your facial care with the Fitglow Beauty Cloud Ceramide Body Cream.

Includes Full Size Items:

  • Cloud Ceramide Balm (2oz)
  • Cloud Ceramide Body Cream (250ml)
  • Cloud Collagen Oil Sample 

NEW Cloud Ceramide Body Cream. MSRP: $36

Ultra-hydrating body cream that restores, renews and replenishes the skin. This deeply-hydrating, moisture restoring and skin-loving Cloud Ceramide Body Cream loaded with a moisturizing blend of natural CERAMIDES, HYALURONIC ACID and CLOUDBERRY OIL delivers an extra boost of moisture, plump and hydration where your body needs it most. GOTU KOLA and ARNICA deliver brightening and soothing benefits with a lightweight formula that quickly melts into your skin for all day comfort and glow. Size: 250ml.

Cloud Ceramide Balm:  MSRP: $89

CLOUD CERAMIDE BALM delivers an extra boost of nutrient-rich moisture where skin needs it most. Organic Rice Micro Ceramides absorb deeply into the skin to replenish and restore the moisture barrier. This plant superpower lipid strengthens the skin’s natural bond while increasing collagen production and leaving skin rejuvenated, plump, and smooth. Ceramides, Cloudberry, and Chia create a perfect lipid ratio to maximize moisture, plus the added Calming Liposome soothes environmentally-aggravated, sensitive, and redness-prone skin. Size 60ml

**Contains refillable packaging.  Refill MSRP: $74.00 (not included)

Cloud Collagen Oil Deluxe Sample:  

Deeply nourishes, transforms, and elevates skin to cloud softness with bioavailable plant extracts and antioxidant rich oils. Cloudberry Oil and Green Tea Extract to provide antioxidant support, safeguarding the skin against environmental stress, Carrot Seed Oil to give skin a natural dose of Vitamin A which promotes a more vibrant, even-looking complexion, while Lupin Seed and Apple Extract promotes an increase in collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These nutrient rich oils and extracts are joined with hydrating elements to help moisturize and nourish the skin, improving the feel of skin elasticity and giving the appearance of a more plump, smooth, and vibrant complexion. Size: 2ml


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Please see individual listings


Natural beauty products fueled by highly active vitamins, humectants and plant sterols using the latest in natural formulating and research. Whole food base formulas infused with targeted organic extracts to nourish skin to feed your beauty. 

No synthetic fragrances, parabens or dyes. 

We strive to protect our furry friends from the animal kingdom, so we choose to test our products on friends and family members. Our methods show respect for the environment and all living things.

P.S. We are Leaping Bunny Certified. Join us in the fight to stop animal testing @Leaping Bunny.


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