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Earth Harbor

Earth Harbor

Earth Harbor delivers ethical products with real results for your beautiful and unique skin. Earth Harbor believes it is equally important to bring you delightful products that offer serenity, happiness, and self-love day in and day out. 
Earth Harbor Sunstone Hair Revive Elixir
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Earth Harbor Reviews

Nymph Nectar Superfruit Radiance Balm

Kim - "Marvelous. This was given to me as a gift. I used it for two days and fell in love with it. I had to look it up, I'm so excited that I've found this company. I will recommend your Earth Harbor products to everyone including the men! Thank you."
Scarlett - "Wow can I say this stuff is the bomb? I got this in my beachy box and this stuff works I put this all over my body and feet when I go to bed I wake up with the softest skin. This Earth Harbor balm hydrates and moisturizes my skin and it's not greasy and doesn't stain clothes!!!"
Natalie - "First, this Earth Harbor balm smells EXACTLY like those old 'Now and Laters'. Sweet, fruity, and heavenly. My skin drinks this up and it gives me a healthy glow. I have only just started using it but I feel like it's already made a difference, and I love that I can use it thicker at night for a mask or thinner during the day for extra moisture."

Samphire Sea-Retinol Digital Serum

Quin - "AWESOME Earth Harbor serum! I personally love the cooling sensation, and it works so well"
Aurora - " New Earth Harbor Favorite! I adore how this serum just seems to go on so smoothly and effortlessly. No oily residue, it absorbs so nicely!"
Nicole - "Amazing! One of my favorite products. But I honestly haven’t met an Earth Harbor product that I didn’t love!"

Marina Biome Brightening Ampoule

Haley - "GREAT For Acne. I tried this after reading reviews about how Earth Harbor is great for acne prone skin. I'm here to confirm it's true! My hormonal acne has cleared up really well and is much more manageable now that I use this product."
Christopher - "Must Have. I love this Earth Harbor product, my skin is so smooth and it's helped me with my breakouts. I'm also in love with the smell of this product!"
Korey - "It really helps with my brown spots, especially in the summer. I don't get them anymore if I put this Earth Harbor product on my face, and it keeps my face glowing."

Celestine Hydra-Plumping Serum

Amruta - "The Effects Are So Instant! Firstly the color of the liquid is 🤩 I just like cute things and all their packaging is adorable! This Earth Harbor serum instantly gave my skin a nice plump look!"
Dori - "I’m loving this serum! I’m mixing it with the Nebula Ampoule and I’m liking this skincare cocktail so much, I’ve ordered 3 more Earth Harbor products! Very impressed with this company!"
Carly - "I ordered this for myself but let my Mom try it first, she loved it so much that I gave it to her and will get another for me. My Mom has very dry skin and has been hunting for the perfect hyaluronic acid-based serum for years. The Earth Harbor Celestine serum works great for her, mature over 60, skin, and smells incredible. Looks like her serum search is finally over!"

Obscura Detoxifying Reset Ampoule

Kathy - " Love that this Earth Harbor detoxifying ampoule contains Bakuchiol and Sweet Almond Oil both botanical alternatives to Retinol for those whose skin is sensitive to regular Retinol. I like to use my Coconut Charcoal Purifying Facial Soap and then apply this ampoule that also contains charcoal for complete removal of impurities, excess oil, dead skin cells, and toxins."
Kara - "Nightly Detox Must. I’ve been using this Earth Harbor detox as part of my nightly routine. I’ve been having much clearer skin as a result."
Tawny - "A Whole New Clean! I love this Earth Harbor must-have! It’s perfect and makes your skin so happy!"

Siren Silk Multi-Tasking Hydration Creme

Courtney - "This Earth Harbor lotion is so creamy-dreamy good! Before I started using Siren Silk, my skin was out of balance, and that improved right away as soon as I added this to my routine. The sea retinol is exactly what my sensitive, 40-something skin seems to need. I notice softer, more supple skin, with a reduction in the appearance of fine lines. My complexion is also looking brighter and more even."
Erin - "Perfection. This Earth Harbor creme is so silky soft and makes your skin feel amazing. It is not heavy at all and feels so luxurious!"
Andrea - "Best I’ve Ever Used. This Earth Harbor hydration cream is my favorite. For my skin it’s been the very best. I use it twice a day."

Tidal Rose Crystal Hydration Toner

Madeleine - "The Best Toner! I love this Earth Harbor toner! Leaves my face feeling refreshed and firm."
Christopher - "This Earth Harbor toner smells amazing, comes with a rose quartz crystal for energy charging, and does not aggravate my skin after shaving like a lot of other face toners. I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from those annoying red bumps after shaving."
Amruta - "This Earth Harbor toner is so refreshing! I love it! I already bought like 3 bottles. And I lovveee the little rose quartz addition to the spray "💕

Oasis Deep Pore Gel Cleanser

Leslie - "Deep Cleansing But Gentle! This cleanser is a perfect balance between deep cleansing and gentle on the skin! Foaming cleansers are often stripping and drying, but this cleanser is perfect! And a little bit goes such a long way! A great option for double cleaning, too! Love Earth Harbor!"
Violet - "My skin used to break out all the time, but it has been much clearer recently since I started using this Earth Harbor cleanser. It is light and perfect for my dry, sensitive skin."
Sam - "I always double cleanse at night, and Earth Harbor Oasis has been great to pair with Sunshine Dew or Ahoy Love. It feels cool and refreshing going on my face, and it does its job of removing dirt and makeup without drying out my skin or exacerbating my acne! Love it!"